iPhone 4S Jailbreak Not Possible on Newer Devices [Hint: Blame iOS 6]

Have you recently purchased an iPhone 4S? Do you want to jailbreak this new device? If you said yes to both these questions, then let me tell you this: you are about to be disappointed. Read on to find out why…

I have already written an article on the status of iOS 6 jailbreak on iPhone 4S devices. In that article I have mentioned that it is possible to jailbreak iPhone 4S, given that you have iOS 5 firmware installed on the device.

Absinthe is the jailbreaking tool to use for jailbreaking iPhone 4S running on iOS 5 or iOS 5.1 firmware. For those who are interested, here’s how to use Absinthe to jailbreak iPhone 4S. All this sounds good if you are on the iOS 5 firmware, but what if that’s not the case? What if your iPhone 4S is on iOS 6 firmware?

New iPhone 4S Users Are Out of Luck:

Let’s keep the jailbreaking topic aside and talk about the new iOS 6. Apple released iOS 6 for download on September 19th. And whenever Apple releases an OS, almost all of their products will have the new OS installed.

In other words, if you have purchased an iPhone 4S from Apple Store after September 19th — new or refurbished model — the device will have iOS 6 installed, and this naturally means two things:

  • You cannot jailbreak your iPhone 4S.
  • You cannot downgrade your iPhone 4S from iOS 6 to iOS 5.

Disappointed? We haven’t heard from the The iPhone Dev Team about the A5 jailbreak yet. This is probably because the whole jailbreaking process, especially for A5 devices, is difficult.

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Here’s another reason: Let us say The iPhone Dev Team releases iOS 6.0 jailbreak today, then Apple can always close the jailbreak loophole in iOS 6.0.1 update, right? So, I am guessing that The iPhone Dev Team is probably waiting for Apple to release iOS 6.0.1 or 6.1 update.

For now, there’s nothing much you could do when it comes to jailbreaking your brand new iPhone 4S. If you don’t like the new Apple Maps, consider switching to this app or use maps.google.com through Safari. If you believe iOS 6 drains your iPhone 4S’s battery, then check out these tips to maximize iPhone’s battery life .

Have you purchased an iPhone 4S recently? Can the iPhone Dev Team deliver a jailbreak one more time? What do you think? Let us know through your comments below.