Steve Ballmer Thinks Apple iPhone is a Joke [Video]

We all know Apple is drawing huge percentage points in the smartphone sales. Apple’s iOS captured 43% of the mobile market last year. Then, we have Mac — iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air — taking over 33% of the PC market in the US.

Apple took five years to reach where they are today. The iPhone has been and continues to be a revolutionary product, but looking back, no one really thought a device with no physical keyboard can be called as a smartphone that people, millions of us, from all walks of life will embrace and use it every day.

“$500… fully-subsidized with a plan… I say that is the most expensive phone in the world… and it doesn’t appeal business customer because it doesn’t have a keyboard,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who almost laughed his head off when he was first asked about Apple iPhone. This was in 2007, when Steve Jobs launched the first Apple iPhone.

Enjoy this short, 240P video:

And where does Microsoft stand today?

As we all know, Zune is in its resting place while Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system has a market share of less than 5%, which was a result after blowing up $500 million in marketing.

Today, Apple and Google are the two dominant players in the mobile industry. Both these companies barely existed five years ago in the mobile domain, but now they are the giants, brushing everyone else aside including Nokia, BlackBerry and Microsoft.

We have a lesson to learn h There are people out there ridiculing you and your ideas but that doesn’t mean you should fight back. Just work on your idea. Have a vision. Convert the vision into reality. And, most importantly, don’t stop — don’t stop because you are tired, stop only when you are done. icon smile Steve Ballmer Thinks Apple iPhone is a Joke [Video]

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