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How do I redeem my appwards points?

All Appwards points earned will be redeemable via Rewards Page in Appwards. For information on redeeming rewards, see ‘Rewards’ portion below. m. Issuance of rewards, raffle-related notifications, points (as electronic rewards) and electronic or website- related activities are subject to possible delays or changes in Promotion mechanics.

What is the age limit for using appwards?

Appwards (the “Website”) is open to registered retailers (directly and indirectly served by PMFTC), and wholesalers who are 18 years old (as of Januaury 1, 2021) and above. b.

How many points are automatically loaded in the participant’s appwards account?

Once the system verifies the code, the Participant will be notified that the code is valid, and ten (10) points will be automatically loaded in their Appwards account. VI. Philip Morris Perfect Match Game a. The Promotion mechanics will be cascaded to participants via Appwards/ SMS/ PMFTC Sales partner.

What are the requirements to participate in an appwards promotion?

Appwards users (“Participants”) agree and confirm the following: i. that you are a retailer or wholesaler, 18 years old or above as of the start of the Promotion Period of the relevant Promotion; ii. that you have read and understood the terms & conditions detailed herein; iii. that you agree to follow the applicable mechanics of the Promotions;

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