aXXo is back: TorrentDay Has the Best Torrent Uploader Under its Hood

The biggest news of the week — no one has covered this yet — is the return of the aXXo into the torrent scene. If you remember, aXXo lit up the torrent universe with his slew of quality DVD rips for a long time, but forsook us (read: torrent users) due to the copyright infringement laid on him last year.

New and the old torrent uploaders teamed up to release quality DVD and Blu-ray rips, out of which some of the rips were, unsurprisingly, of very good quality — although the size of these torrent files were around 1GB and more.

On topic: the news: “aXXo is back” is genuinely true. The king of DVD ripping, aXXo, decided to bond with the website — this torrent site is well-known for releasing movies and TV shows. When I looked up at the The Pirate Bay, there were a handful of good releases from the Torrent Day; out of which some of the files were tailed along with the DvDrip-aXXo keyword.

Also, the meticulous comments from the torrent users confirmed the existence of aXXo. I’ve managed to grab screenshots of these convincing comments:



Now that aXXo is fluttering around the web, he will surely ignite the torrent community in the year 2011. Also, with new quality uploaders creating the uproar, it’ll be interesting to see how aXXo fares.

Have you tried the new aXXo torrent files? Is the quality of the print a cut above the rest? Let me know…

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