Google Chrome addon Extension update

Update 2012: Chrome addons are now available officially. You don’t have to modify your browser to install these addons. For more, check out our collection of articles at this Google Chrome page.

Here is an interesting report from Mashable which confirmed the future existence of extensions for Google’s flagship browser, Google Chrome.

Previously, we have seen Google chrome addons; they were simple javascript bookmarklets that could let you add new resources, or instantly tweak a webpage, with a click of a button. If you haven’t used them with your Chrome browser yet, then its time you gave it a shot.

Now, on topic, this extension update comes as no-surprise for us users. What we need to do right now is, wait!

From the year 2008, in the month of September, we have seen Chrome developer fixing all kinds of issue including that of flash player installation bugs and the memory loopholes.

It is amazing to see 10 million Chrome downloads in a short period of time and after the addition of Chrome extensions for the browsers, the numbers will scale up. Probably, it will get down to “Firefox Versus Chrome” debate than the regular “Firefox Versus IE.” The good thing about Chrome is, it comes from Google, and Google has thrust in enough trust among us users to try out the browser. So far, I love Google Chrome, and it runs flawlessly on my Mac.

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