PSP With the 6.20 Firmware, HEN 6.20TN-B Firmware is here!

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The PSP world has been set alight again following the release of the HEN for 6.20 TN-B official firmware. Yes, the credit goes to the Geohot of PSP, Total_noob! As you know, the initial firmware, HEN 6.20 TN-A, was responsible for enabling “Homebrew” application whilst the new 6.20TN-B firmware does far more than that.

Downgrading the 6.20 firmware, support for PSP 3000 4G model, addition of fake Index.dat VSH menu and many more technical aspects have been brought to light with the improved 6.20TN-B firmware, all thanks to the geeks working on it.

You can enjoy the homebrews and plugins by running down through the set of steps posted by PSPGen (French site). Here’s the Google translation of the page in English.


Image credit: PSPGen

This HEN firmware works with all the models including PSP 2000, PSP 3000, PSP 3004 and the PSP Go. The downgrade process is in its infancy, and I reckon the definitive guide is missing from the book. But given the fact that it has been just two days since the release of the HEN, we can expect good number of tutorials, both in text and video form, to be out very soon.

The firmware 6.20 TN-B allows you to dump the current firmware, and use lower firmware version. But if you are going to downgrade your PSP right now, then please make a thorough research (or, wait for us to update).

For the folks who own a PSP with 6.30 OFW, sadly, you can’t downgrade it to 6.20 OFW. But it looks like the next exploit is likely in the works.

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