The Era of 4G Technology and Superior Voice Quality

Wireless technology is fast growing in the world of technology. Companies usually use 3G wireless technology as their means of communicating with their clients. Users of this 3G technology normally encounter problems such as line noises, latency and poor voice quality.

Of course, the communication industry won’t let these problems hinder any improvements. Thus they came up with 4G technology! It has been created and has become the newest wireless technology being used by many companies. With this technology comes the question: “Are we sure that the wireless scene will have the best voice quality ever?

Better than 3G – The 4G Technology

Let us first know and understand the flaws and disadvantages of 3G. What are the causes of all the problems that 3G brings?

Paul Carter is quoted saying “The larger the footprint from a given site, the more interference this site will cause to an adjacent site.” This means that cell signals are very important in achieving high quality sound. Buildings and tall trees also contributes to the deterioration of the cell zone and signal, it goes to show that 3G wireless technology lacks signal which enable these problems to arise.

The Voice Quality in 4G

4G technology networks help in alleviating these issues by actually adding antennas to increase the signal quality of wireless networks.  4G doesn’t improve the sound quality by itself but by using multiple antennas, they improve sound quality as compared to 3G. It also gives a more reliable connection for companies. 4G networks should be able to improve voice quality as the increased capability will lead to a clearer and more stable signal.

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According to Jenny Bridges, AT&T spokesperson – She said that their 4g network will primarily be used for data while the voice traffic will still be using the 3g network. When it comes to voice quality, AT&T has been the worst among all carriers in the market. That is why 4G will be a major innovation for AT&T. Another carrier, Verizon, is currently using 2G and 3G network; they want to stick to these networks because they already know how to manage voices in 2G. Meanwhile the higher bandwidth and network capacity of 4G networks may also boost adoption of HD voice.

4G brings high quality voice and sound, it also brings High Definition sound that boasts of clarity and decrease in line noise. Having said all these, we have come to know that 4G will definitely bring a new era in high quality sound and voice for wireless communication.