Ashampoo Snap 6: Win 5 License Keys [Windows]

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Exclusive news: Ashampoo has just released a new version of Ashampoo Snap (costs $19.99), and guess who’s giving away this hot product for free? Come on, give it a try… Alright, we have a smart crowd here.

New Ashampoo Snap 6 Banner

While I haven’t tested the product yet, but from the Press Release I received an hour ago, the new Ashampoo Snap 6 looks promising and can probably be considered as an alternative to Pixelmator and TechSmith’s Snagit.

Yes, you can grab screenshots, add watermarks and capture videos with Ashampoo Snap 6. Have a look Snap 6, and let me tell you the interface is gorgeous. Seriously.

Interface of Ashampoo Snap 6 on Windows 8 Computer

Ashampoo Snap 6 is an ultimate screen-capturing and video-capturing tool. Why don’t you click on the image?

Oh, I don’t speak German but the above image was part of the Press Release. As I said earlier, I haven’t tested Snap 6 yet — and if someone wants to test it, and write a review here, feel free to contact me.

Features of Ashampoo Snap 6:

  • Snap 6 can upload screenshots to Ashampoo Snap webspace
  • Snap 6 can readjust dynamic objects like watermarks and drop shadows
  • Snap is faster, more productive and compatible through numerous improvements
  • Snap 6 has multi-core processor support
  • Snap 6 can do real-time editing and show live preview
  • Snap 6 has a revised capture bar for smoother workflows
  • Snap 6 has a 1-click upload feature.
  • Snap 6 works even on Windows 8.
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Rapid screenshot sharing through Ashampoo Snap Webspace

Ashampoo Snap 6 supports instant 1-click web uploading, no login required. Either distribute the weblink directly or share it via email, social networks or instant messaging services, all accessible right from the webspace page.

Extensive editing support with dynamic objects

Once created, screenshots may be edited and customized. Ashampoo Snap 6 supports real-time editing, e.g. of watermarks, drop shadows, time stamps, transitions and more.

Numerous additional improvements and revamped design

During the development of Ashampoo Snap 6, a great deal of time was spent increasing the speed and usability of the product. With full support for multi-core processors, operations now literally happen in a snap and the new intuitive user-interface turns complex tasks into self-explanatory 1-click actions. Where appropriate, visual cues provide useful pointers and live previews offer instantaneous feedback for all real-time adjustable effects and settings, always undoable, naturally. Another useful addition is webcam recording, especially handy to create tutorials. Publishing your work has never been faster and easier.

Home user or professional – Ashampoo Snap 6 offers virtually limitless possibilities

Ashampoo Snap 6 covers a wide range of applications. Home users may create collections, e.g. of favorite recipes or holiday pictures, visualize genealogical research or document bank account transactions. Professionals can use Ashampoo Snap 6 to create instructional videos for their employees or enhance the design of presentations, simple and straightforward. Millions of home and professional users worldwide have already come to appreciate the many benefits of the product.

Ashampoo Snap 6 runs on Windows 8

In view of the coming release of Microsoft Windows 8, our developers made sure Ashampoo Snap 6 plays nicely with Windows 8. Capturing on the desktop and within Metro apps as well as the new Internet Explorer 10 is already supported in our latest version of Snap.

“User-generated content on video portals is growing immensely and our product makes it exceptionally easy for users to create and upload desktop videos. This is why Ashampoo Snap 6 will continue to become even more relevant to both our users and to us. We have put a lot of effort into the product and we are convinced it will show both in terms of quality and success.” says leading developer Nikolaus Brennig.

Win Genuine License Keys of Ashampoo Snap 6

If you have entered any of our giveaways before, you will know that the rules are pretty much the same. Use the form below to complete tasks, and earn points for every successfully completed task. The more points you have, the better are your chances to win this product.

The contest ends on November 10th. We will send the activation keys to the winner’s email ID, so make sure to use a valid ID while participating.

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PS: We have also announced the winners of our Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 contest. If you have participated, please check the post. Winners can expect an email from me within 24 hours.

I’d also like to thank Jan and Angela for sending us the serial keys of Ashampoo Snap 6.

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