Disney plus: price, subscription, catalog, features … all about the Disney version SVOD

disney plus

Less than two years after its launch, Disney plus already has more than 100 million subscribers.

What is Disney plus?

Disney + is the name given to Disney’s streaming video service , launched in the United States in November 2019, then gradually worldwide. Disney + is a SVOD platform , like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Canal + Séries, Apple TV + or even Salto. In other words, in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription , customers have unlimited access to a catalog of videos on demand.

On Disney +, as on other SVOD platforms, content is streamed. Streaming is a technology that allows the playback of a video or audio stream as it is broadcast. That is to say that it is not necessary to download the contents to watch them. They are hosted on servers and all you need is an Internet connection to access them.

What is the cost of Disney plus?

The price of Disney plus is unique, regardless of the access mode (application or TV decoder) and the Internet operator through which you go to use the service. The price of the Disney + subscription is € 8.99 / month or € 89.99 annually . To subscribe to Disney +, simply go to the SVoD service website or download the application available on the AppStore or Google Play. The application is compatible with a large number of devices (see below).

Note also that there are also other ways to subscribe to Disney +. Access to Disney + is in fact included in two Canal offers . In particular in the Canal + Ciné Séries offer , at the price of € 34.99 / month for one, then € 40.99 (with two years of commitment) and in the Canal + Friends & Family offer ,  at the price of 64.99 € / month, then € 79.99 (with two-year commitment). You will find all the details of these two offers including our special file ” How to get Disney + with Canal? “.

Finally, if you are a Freebox Pop or Freebox Delta subscriber with the Pop player, you get six months of free Disney + subscription . And, let’s face it, being a subscriber to one of its two Freeboxes is the only way to subscribe to Disney + for free. In fact, all the promotional offers put in place by Disney + on the occasion of the launch of its SVoD service have ended. 

What are the films, series and cartoons in the Disney plus catalog?

Disney + is an incredibly rich catalog, both in terms of the number of content available and its variety.  Disney + offers its subscribers more than 500 films, 15,000 series episodes and 80 Disney + Originals . And again, the catalog is enriched every month with the appearance of new content. 

If the Disney + catalog is so rich, it is also thanks to the diversity of the content that is accessible. ” 5 worlds, 1 destination ” was the punchline of Disney + when it was launched. Indeed, Disney brings together in a single subscription all the great Disney classics , from the Lion King to Beauty and the Tramp , including Cinderella , but also the entire catalog of Marvel super heroes ( Avengers , Iron Man , X-Men , Black Panther, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wandavision ), the Pixar franchise (the Toy Story saga ,Finding Nemo , The Incredibles, Soul ), films from the Star Wars saga , as well as documentaries from the National Geographic channel . In the end, therefore, a family and brilliant catalog .

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Disney + also invests billions in the production of exclusive content, the Disney + Originals. Headlining: The Mandalorian series , or The Bad Batch , from the Star Wars universe, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier or Loki , from the Marvel universe. But also the film Mulan , or Soul .

And that’s not all. Since February 23, 2021, in fact, the universe of Disney + has been enriched by a new galaxy, the sixth: Star . It will offer more adult content, a bit like what can be found on Netflix, through different labels such as 20th Century, Searchlight, ABC Studios, Fox Television, FX … More than 1,000 new content are expected, among including  more than 40 series, nearly 250 films and 4 “Star Originals” productions never seen . You will therefore find:

  • cult series like “X-Files”, “Scrubs”, ” Grey’s Anatomy “, ” How I Met Your Mother “, ” 24h Chrono ” or ” Lost “
  • must-see films like ” Titanic “, ” Crystal Trap ” or ” Alien “,
  • but also new series like the moving ” Love Victor “, the distressing ” Helstrom “, the breathless ” Big Sky ” and finally the animated sitcom ” Solar Opposites “.

How to watch Disney plus and on which devices?

You can watch Disney + directly on your television via your operator’s TV box. The application is in fact accessible from almost all Orange, SFR, Free and Bouygues TV decoders. Otherwise, the app is compatible with the two main platforms, Android and  iOS . Disney + is therefore accessible on almost all possible media : computer, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV, game consoles and other multimedia players. To benefit from it, simply download the Disney + application on the AppStore or on Google Play , when it is not directly accessible on your device. Disney + is also on board the latest generation Canal + decoder.

How to subscribe to Disney plus and create an account?

First of all, you must take out a Disney + subscription, via a Canal offer or via the application. The registration process is done in 5 steps:

  • For those who subscribe via the app, click on one of the two offers
  • Enter your email address and accept the general conditions of use
  • Create a password
  • Fill in your bank details or click on the Paypal link
  • Complete your registration with the 6-digit code received by email.
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If you launch the application, you will see that a first profile, called “Profile” has been created automatically. To modify it, all you have to do is click on the profile picture to access the customization options.

What features are included in the Disney plus subscription?

Disney will offer a streaming platform that no other content or tech company can compete with , boasted Bob Iger, before the launch of Disney +. It is clear that he did not lie. Because, for only € 8.99, Disney + offers features that are only included in the Netflix Premium plan at € 15.99 / month. That puts you at the level of Disney +.

With your subscription, it is indeed possible to watch Disney + on 4 screens simultaneously . That is, up to 4 people can watch Disney + at the same time, from the same account. The Disney + subscription also allows you to create up to 7 profiles , without any geographic restriction. Result:  several people from the same household, or several different households, can use the same Disney + subscription. This is called account sharing .

So much for the two main features of Disney +, but there are many more. In fact, with your Disney + subscription, you can create a 100% secure profile by selecting ” Children Profile ” in the profile options. The interface will only offer content suitable for your children. You can also create a personal viewing list by clicking the + icon next to the play button. The selected content will then be placed in ” My list “. You can also, of course, choose the language and the subtitles of the program you are watching.

Finally, a quick note on the Disney + interface . Very classic and refined, it is very easy to navigate. The five worlds of Disney + (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic) are quite distinct. A banner shows “Featured” content. As for the menu bar, it allows you to search, access its list or the three categories of content: Originals, films and series. There is nothing exceptional about the Disney + interface. But, it fulfills its mission: it is perfectly readable and very easy to learn .

How do I download Disney + content to watch it offline?

With Disney +, you can take your content on your smartphone or tablet to watch it where you want, when you want, even if you don’t have an internet connection. With offline mode, Disney + follows you everywhere. Indeed, Disney + allows you to download unlimited content on 10 devices 

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To download Disney + content and then watch it offline, it’s very easy:

  • Open the Disney + app;
  • Select the content to download and click “Download” (to the right of the “Play” button).

Once you have downloaded your Disney + content, it is possible to watch it offline. To view the downloads, simply click on “Downloads” at the bottom right of the menu bar. Content that has been downloaded is marked with a downward arrow.

Good to know : Disney + downloads are deducted from the data envelope of your mobile plan. We recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection to perform your downloads .

Disney + in 4K quality

Like other streaming video services, Disney + offers content in 4K quality . However, ultra-high definition only exists on ” a selection of content “. In addition, in order to enjoy it, you must have a 4K compatible screen.

How much speed do I need to watch Disney +?

Disney + being a streaming video service, you need an Internet connection to access it. But the necessary bit rate that you need to have varies depending on the image quality you want:

  • The minimum speed to watch Disney + is 1.5 Mb / s . However, to have an optimal Disney + experience with SD streaming (960 x 576), a speed of 3 Mb / s is necessary.
  • To access Disney + content in HD (from 1280×720 to 1920×1080), Disney + recommends a connection speed of 5 Megabits / second for optimal streaming.
  • To watch Disney Plus in Ultra HD , which is the best possible image quality, it is recommended that you have a minimum speed of 25 Mb / s . Important note: to have access to Ultra HD, you must also have a compatible device.

How to cancel my Disney + subscription?

You have subscribed to Disney + and you wish to cancel your subscription . To cancel, it’s very simple, you can unsubscribe from Disney + in a few clicks. Here is the procedure to follow: 

  • Log into your Disney + account , using your username and password.
  • Go to your profile by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on “Account”, then on ” Billing details “.
  • Click on ” Cancel subscription “.
  • Select ” Confirm termination “.

If you subscribe to Disney + with Canal , it’s different. You can manage your Disney + subscription by going to your Canal + customer area.

Good to know : from the moment you cancel your Disney + subscription, your account remains in effect until the anniversary date of your subscription . Example: If you signed up on April 8 and decide to unsubscribe on June 25, your Disney + membership cancellation will take effect on July 8, at the end of your billing cycle . If you wish, you can reactivate your subscription at any time after the end of your billing cycle.