Understanding Computer Operating System

Computer Operating System

Understanding Operating Systems Information Technology News – Understanding Computer Operating Systems ( Operating System / OS) is a set of programs that operate in the management of computer hardware resources and also play a role in controlling the basic operation of the system, including running software ( software) various applications that commonly used by computer users such as data processing programs and others. Without an operating system, computer users will not be able to run application programs on their computers, with the exception of boot application programs. Computer Operating System

is the first level of software that runs when the computer is turned on, this operating system is placed on the computer’s memory, namely the hard disk. After the operating system is running, other software can be run. It is this operating system that provides common core services to other running software, the common core services are task scheduling, memory management, user interface, and access to discs. The part of the code that performs these common core services in the information technology dictionary is called the kernel of an operating system.

The operating system plays a role in ensuring that each of the different applications can run smoothly simultaneously without a hitch. In addition, the operating system also makes a full contribution in linking the performance of the hardware layer and software layer. The operating system will set the schedule of the applications running concurrently, so that each application gets the right time and enough to use the CPU and memory, so they will not interfere with each other’s performance.

Examples of Computer Operating Systems

Examples of computer operating systems  are Windows, Linux, MacOS, and many more. Below is an illustration of the Windows 8, Linux (ubuntu), and Mac OS X operating system interface .

Windows 8 Operating System Interface

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Ubuntu Linux Operating System Interface

Mac OS X Operasi Operating System Interface

That’s a little explanation about the understanding of computer operating systems and examples. Hopefully this article from information technology news is useful. ^_^