How to screenshot on mac

how to screenshot on mac

We are going to explain how to screenshot on mac , showing you the keyboard shortcuts that you have available in macOS for this. There are third-party applications to take all types of captures, but if you master the native functions you may not need them.

We are going to start by explaining to you which are the native keyboard shortcuts that exist in macOS to take screenshots. And then, we will briefly mention the method with which to choose the place where they are saved if you do not like them to be saved on the desktop.

Keyboard shortcuts for screenshots




Take a normal screenshot, capturing the entire screen.


Capture part of the screen. When you press, a cross will appear with which you can choose the part of the screen you want to capture.


Capture a window or menu. First press Shift + Command + 4 to enter the selector for the part you want to capture, and then press Space to tell it that you want to capture a window or menu. Next choose the window to capture.


Capture to clipboard. Take a screenshot, but it is not saved as a file, it simply stays on the clipboard to paste it wherever you want.


Screenshot app. It allows you to take normal or video screenshots.

The common shortcut for taking screenshots is Shift + Command + 3 , which simply takes a screenshot and saves it to the desktop . This way, you will have a photo file that you can edit or share with the people you want.

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But as you see in the table above, you also have many other things you can do. If you add the Control key to the normal command , the capture will not be saved on the desktop as a file but on the clipboard so that it can be shared directly and pasted into other applications.

And then you have the shortcut to take the screenshot of a specific part of the screen , which is Shift + Command + 4 . You can use it in two ways, simply to make a square with the mouse choosing the part to capture, or by pressing the space bar to choose an entire window eliminating the background or everything behind it.

And then you have the shortcut to open the Screenshot application , ideal for greater control. Here, a menu will appear in which you can choose between capturing the entire screen or just a fragment, and do it with an image or capturing a video  to do your step by step.

How to choose where screenshots are saved

To choose where you want to save the screenshots, you have to launch the screenshot application by pressing Shift + Command + 5 . When you launch it, click on the Options button , and by doing so you can choose the Other location option within the menu.