Can you record a skype video call

Skype launched in 2003, Skype is software that enables subscribers to make phone and video calls over the Internet. Recording audio and video calls from Skype requires third-party software as Skype does not offer proprietary methods of recording at the time of publication. The software products mentioned are not affiliated with Skype. All offer standard call recording and other features, in addition to video capability.


VodBurner allows users to record, edit and add subtitles to video calls from one or both sides of the conversation and save them as Advanced Systems Format or Windows Media Video files. Compatible with computers running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 2007, VodBurner is free when used to record calls with other Vodburner users, but must be purchased if a competitor’s software is used by a caller.


Scendix offers professional video recording software for Pamela and Business for Skype Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 users. Either version must be purchased, and both offer unlimited Skype video call recording in WMV format on one or both sides of the call. Pamela Business includes all the features of the professional version, with the addition of priority technical support.


SuperTintin call recording software Skype video records for Windows Server 2003, XP, Windows 2000, Vista or Windows 7 users. One or both sides of the video call can record in WMV format, and the trial version of the program is free for video calls of five minutes or less. Unlimited recording duration is available upon purchase from SuperTintin.

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For Mac users running OS X 10.4 or newer versions, Ecamm records Skype video calls and saves as QuickTime movies on one or both sides of the video conversation. Ecamm can be downloaded for a free seven-day trial with all operational features, after which it can be purchased.

Video call recording leggily

Be sure to research your local laws and other possible guidelines before recording conversations of any kind. Generally, the recorded party must grant permission for the recording to take place. This can be accomplished and a record of such permission withheld from your simply asking at the beginning of the recorded conversation and getting a “yes” or “no” answer. If the video call is to be made public, express authorization will also be required for its publication.