Find Best Apps With AppBrain for Android

Unless you’re running the Froyo (2.2) version of Android you must know how much of a hassle getting apps off the market is. Not only are you expected to search and find your desired app on the tiny screen but you also have to put up with numerous steps to get the app installed and also misleading entries.

Here’s where a third party client like appBrain steps in. What it lets you do is search for apps on your computer and installs them on your phone effortlessly. Makes getting your hands on the app of your choice that much easier.

All you need to do is head on over to and set up an account. Following which you are required to download the AppBrain app from the market and install in on your phone. Once the app is installed you can sync your device with your AppBrain account. What it does is it compiles a list of all your installed apps and keeps a list of them on your account. Once you’re done with this you need to download and install Fast Web Installer from the market following which’s installation you are ready to go.

Appbrain for Android

You can now browse the 100,000+ apps on your computer screen and read up relevant information regarding them. There are lists of top selling and most popular apps present too which you can use to come across many new apps. If you are looking to search for a particular app then the search is fast and accurate and throws back pretty relevant results.

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The search is much better than on the market resulting in easier access to your desired apps. Once you’ve found the app you had been looking for you can click on it to get info about it and pressing the install button will beam the app to your phone and install it instantly without you having to do anything.

You can also select apps that you need to uninstall which will be removed from your phone automatically the next time you sync the AppBrain app on your phone with your AppBrain account. Lastly it also lets you create public lists of the apps that you are using or like or recommend so that you can share those apps with others.

So you see how AppBrain makes your apps installing business so much better and with minimum hassle. If you are one of those who don’t like the app market much and can’t wait for the Froyo update, this is what you should be looking at.