How To Check Android Support OTG

Android Support OTG

Before doing the method so that the Android cellphone supports OTG, you first need to check whether the Android cellphone has OTG support or not. There are several Android smartphones that support the USB OTG feature. To find out whether your Android phone supports USB OTG or not, the following is an easy way to check.

How to Check Android Support OT Via GSMArena

GSMArena is a website that provides services to find out mobile phone specifications. In addition, this website has also provided several reviews about mobile phones that are currently hits.
Because I have provided specifications for various types of cellphones, you can check whether the Android you have supports USB OTG.
The steps for checking Android directly on USB OTG through the GSMArena website are as follows:
1. First of all, visit the website via a browser.
2. After you enter the initial view of the website address then type your complete Android Smartfren in the search field.
3. Then, scroll down and look at the Comms specification menu or in the USB section, the difference is that you can see the specifications of the Android phone whether it supports USB OTG or not.
4. If the USB description says USB On-The-Go, your Android smartphone supports the USB OTG feature.

Thus an explanation of how to make Android support USB OTG. We quote this article from the origin of . Hopefully it can be easily understood and you can follow it well. However, before taking steps on how to make Android support USB OTG, you should first ask whether the Android has USB OTG support or not.

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