How to Get Virtual Phone Number For Free

Discussing about Virtual phone numbers along with some useful info and listing web services that allows you to have an free virtual phone number.

virtual phone number is a telephone number without an associated phone line. These are phone numbers that are programmed to be forwarded to a Voice over IP service, fixed, internet phone or mobile phone.

Free Virtual Numbers are sometimes used with mail forwarding services to create a Virtual Office. For example, a certain company can get a virtual phone number with mail forwarding services with a certain location. The clients of this company would think that the company is located in that specific location, whereas the company actually can be located in a completely different location, maybe in a totally different country.

Virtual Numbers are especially used by technical support companies, exporters, call centers and other service providers. This can also be used by an individual. It is quite dangerous to give out your phone number to people you don’t know. You will have to do that in many cases: online lists, new contacts, subscriptions etc. This is where you can use this service and get yourself a completely anonymous virtual phone number. Let us now look at a few service providers who provide users with virtual phone numbers, absolutely free of charge for certain period (Usually, some of them provide free trials, if satisfied you can get an monthly subscription. To avoid discrepancies, we haven’t linked to their official website)

1. Numbr is the new name for cr This service provider provides the user free virtual phone numbers in a very easy way. The user just has to log on to their website and register for a new number, which the user would get almost instantly.

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You can even have a new number if you are away from your computer, by making a simple call on your fixed or mobile phone. Each number is unique and is not recycled. There are also features like call-screening and anti-telemarketing, which help cause very less disturbances for the user. You can keep the number for a length of time ranging between an hour and a month. The strong points of this service are the ease of use and that it is free.

2. Ring-To Number

Ring-To Number is a service provider that gives the user a free anonymous number that one can use on social networks, but this requires the user to place a widget on your personal page that would generate the number. The service is free, but there is a premium price for those who want to get numbers with area codes.

3. Jangl

Jangl allows the user to call or text anyone while hiding your number. The drawback with this service provider is that getting the phone number is not that straight-forward. You have to tell them who you want to contact and they will give you a number for that call only.

4. Oncetel

Oncetel offers you free anonymous phone numbers, but people who call you on these numbers will have to pay small fees. The good thing about oncetel is that you can get the number instantly online through their web interface.

Thanks to Google, you can also get Google Voice that provides private cellphone number for free. So, what’s your take on this? Which is your choice of the best virtual phone number service?

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