How to Overcome Bluetooth Laptop Error

Bluetooth Laptop Error

Bluetooth is one of the data transfer media that is currently very popular. Because using Bluetooth is considered easier, more practical, and also very efficient without having to use an internet network or data cable.

Through the Bluetooth frequency signal emitted by the two devices, each device can connect to each other where one acts as a sender and the other acts as a receiver.

With the Bluetooth feature, of course, it will provide many useful conveniences. However, behind the very useful role of Bluetooth, there are problems that arise. This problem often occurs on laptops, namely Bluetooth cannot send and receive files.

In fact, sometimes Bluetooth on a laptop can’t be active at all, aka an error. How to solve a Bluetooth Laptop error is not difficult, the most important thing is that you know the cause or the message when a Bluetooth error occurs.

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Message When Bluetooth Laptop Error

  • 1. Bluetooth File Transfer Not Completed
    • 2. Bluetooth device not found. Please verify that your Bluetooth
    • 3. This device cannot start (Code 10)
    • 4. This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)
  • How to Easily Overcome Bluetooth Laptop Error
    • 1. Activate the Service Module
    • 2. Reinstall the Driver
    • 3. Update Driver Version

Message When Bluetooth Laptop Error

Errors in Bluetooth usually bring up a notification or message that we can use as an identifier why Bluetooth on a laptop is not working properly.

Here are the error messages and causes of Bluetooth not working on the Laptop:

1. Bluetooth File Transfer Not Completed

It means “Bluetooth file transfer not completed. Windows was unable to transfer some files An invalid argument was supplied”. This error message appears because the Bluetooth service module is not active or running on Windows.

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2. Bluetooth device not found. Please verify that your Bluetooth

It means “Bluetooth device not found. Please verify that your Bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on”. Error messages like this are usually experienced by Windows XP users. This happens because Windows XP already has Windows’ built-in or default drivers, so it can’t install other Bluetooth drivers.

3. This device cannot start (Code 10)

This device cannot start message usually appears because the Bluetooth driver version on the Laptop is no longer updated. However, we can try to find the latest version on the official website according to the laptop brand that we use.

4. This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

From the message, it can be seen that the device does not have a Bluetooth driver. Easy, your laptop device has not installed the Bluetooth driver. If not, there are missing or corrupt files so a message like that appears.

How to Easily Overcome Bluetooth Laptop Error

The message that appears when a Bluetooth error is not only that, there are many more actually. However, what appears most often is the message. You need to know, Bluetooth errors on Laptops do not always display an indication message.

Then we have to do some repair steps to be able to use Bluetooth again. Well, for those of you who might be looking for a way to solve a Bluetooth Laptop error, this article from will help you to find out how to solve a Bluetooth Laptop error easily and quickly.

Check out the explanation below:

1. Activate the Service Module

  • First, press Windows key+R to open Run. Then type services.msc and press Enter.
  • If you have, there will be a lot of services there. Please search for Bluetooth Support Services.
  • Open the module by double clicking it.
  • Then change the startup type to Automatic then select Start. If so, click Apply and then OK.
  • Finished.
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The function of running the Bluetooth support service and changing the startup type to automatic is for Bluetooth to run automatically when the laptop is turned on. After performing the steps above, it is recommended that you restart the laptop first so that the changes take effect immediately.

2. Reinstall the Driver

Sometimes, reinstalling the driver is really necessary. Because, the driver could be affected by a virus. Signs of a driver affected by a virus is that it cannot function normally, aka an error. To re-install the driver, you must first uninstall the driver that was previously installed on the laptop. If so, just install the latest driver.

3. Update Driver Version

In each version of the driver, of course, it is equipped with different features. Usually, the newer the driver version, the better the performance will be because every update will be repaired. Well, it could be that the cause of the Bluetooth Laptop error or not working is that the driver is still an old version or has not been updated.

Those are some reviews that discuss how to solve Bluetooth Laptop errors. Hopefully it is useful and can help you in overcoming the problem of Bluetooth errors on Laptops.