How to SPY on Cell Phones — Mobile Spying Softwares Overview

A over view on how to spy cell phones with various cell phone spying softwares, also talking about legality and spying softwares available in the market.

Cell phone spying is unethical, but what about that burning curiosity of your girlfriend’s activities? Or maybe your mobile has been lost or stolen, and now you want to know the location of your smartphone. Have no fear, it’s possible to trace cell phones.

Mobile Spying softwares are available for downloads. These mobile spying or tracking software allows you to keep tabs on calls made from the target cell phone, sms sent and even websites visited. You can even use it to spy phones which have been stolen as it supports Global Positioning System tracking facility as well. You simply need to download and install softwares like mobile phone trackers into the target phone.

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After that all you need is to log into your online control panel and view the online tabs. This software works completely in the background and starts up when the phone is booted. A great buy for parents to silently spy on their teenage boys and girls. The only downside, it’s not free to download.


Another software program which does the same thing is Flexi cell phone tracker that is known for spying cell phones instantly. It handles call logging, sms forwarding and even lets you use the phone’s microphone for eavesdropping. GPS tracking is also available with this software and it can also handle remote operations to some extent. GPS tracking can also be done by using Google Latitude. But this requires a confirmation from the target mobile phone. If you can accept the confirmation without the owner knowing then you can keep tabs on the location of the phone at all times. Simply log into the Google site and check on the maps. Google Latitude though doesn’t work in the background.

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The most important question that arises now is about legality. You have to keep in mind that eavesdropping without the person’s consent is a serious crime and can land you in jail. That is why even though the sites like mobile spy and others proclaim of spying on your spouse or business partner, if you dig deeper you will come across a disclaimer which says that you should only perform spying endeavors on a phone that you own.

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At most you can spy on a phone that you bought your children. If you use it to spy upon a person (including spouse) without his/her content, then it is considered a crime and can land you in serious trouble. Mostly people use these softwares to keep track of a stolen phone or in case the phone got lost. In that case it is not illegal and you may use any means to track down the cell phone.

Google Latitude (download Latitude app for iPhone) is also a legal software since it requires confirmation from the target mobile, but it becomes a criminal offense as soon as you make that confirmation without the user’s knowledge. It is indeed a very tricky situation and hence spying on cell phones should be approached very carefully.