Mobile PDF Reader – View PDF Files on Sony Ericsson Cell Phones

If you own a Sony Ericsson and you want to read .PDF files on your phone, then check out this free, simple PDF reader that assists you with reading Adobe PDF files, but you may not be able to edit PDF files. If you want to edit PDF files, check out this online PDF editor.

Today, I found something. Something useful for the readers. A mobile PDF reader for Sony phones.

I found this nice little free java based application for Sony Ericsson mobile phones which will help you to read Adobe PDF Files on any SE (Sony Ericsson) handset.

Read PDF Files on Sony Ericsson Phone

Alright, as far as I know, there is no official (JAR file) Java PDF reader for Sony Ericsson models. Somehow I was able to flick this PDF reader off a forum and when installed on a friend’s cell phone, it worked like a charm! We were able to read PDF files of size less than 1MB.

To view PDF files you have to download PDF Reader (download links for the PDF reader below) or send it to your Sony Ericson and install the application. This PDF reader supports the following cell phones:

  • Sony Ericsson k750i
  • Sony Ericsson W810i
  • Sony Ericsson k800
  • Sony Ericsson p990

Sometimes you might get a “Invalid Application” or “Operation Failed” error, in that case try to re-install PDF reader application! As Sony Ericsson mobile phones support .JAR file extension, I have uploaded the PDF Jar file to different file hosting! If you are not able to resolve and read PDF documents then put up the issue here via comments..

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Download Sony Ericsson PDF Reader

Sony Ericsson PDF Reader [Rapidshare]  || Sony Ericsson PDF Reader [Mediafire]

Update: OMG! Never noticed that this PDF reader is flawed… please wait. I will try to find a free PDF reader and will update this post. You can still download the mobile PDF reader application and give it a try. Please let me know the phone model by commenting below which could help others with the same model to decide whether to download the reader or not.

It is frustrating to know that Sony Ericsson hasn’t come up with a PDF reader on their phones yet! Shame on you, Sony Ericsson. (Eh, take it lightly.)