Paste Image to Windows Live Writer With Clipboard Live Plugin

By Sidharth | How-to

Few days ago I mentioned about the image quality loss in live writer and how live writer automatically blurs an image whenever you change the dimension. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the coming version. However, there are other plugins such as clipboard live which are pretty handy at times when you come across copy-paste issues.

Clipboard live writer plugin lets you paste images from Microsoft word, Visual studio page or from any html page to live writer with the same layout and format.


This plugin can be useful in many ways, suppose you want to copy those colorful html tables from a webpage (as creating tables in live writer isn’t really easy (at least I find it troublesome)) then you can copy all the elements into your clipboard and slap them onto the writer using ctrl+v. You can also adjust the settings and formatting..

Clipboard live can be downloaded directly by visiting the Live Gallery or by clicking here.

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