Facebook may have to sell WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook may have to sell WhatsApp

It seems that good times are not coming for Facebook and the company has just been sued for having a predatory strategy and market dominance to end its competition. The Federal Trade Commission of the United States has been in charge of filing a lawsuit which is joined by another from a United States union. Facebook may have to sell WhatsApp and Instagram

Under these lawsuits, Facebook used monopoly power to wipe out its competitors. Many of these competitors were bought at the checkbook.

According to experts, for the Facebook Monopoly to be broken, the company would have to get rid of two of its most charismatic products, such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Two platforms with hundreds of millions of users were acquired in 2012 in the case of Instagram and in 2014 in the case of WhatsApp. The price paid for them was 1,000 million for the first and 19,000 million for the messaging app.

Facebook logically does not agree with these demands and has indicated that at the time an agreement was reached with the Federal Trade Commission of the United States. Indicating that it is a punishment to successful companies, also when users are free not to use their services and switch to those of their competitors. The biggest problem seems to be that currently neither Facebook, not Instagram nor WhatsApp have direct competition in their sectors.

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