Auto Download Megaupload Files by Skipping Download Time

Free file hosting sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload has download timer activated before you download the file, which intimidates the user to wait up and take action, such as see the adverts or check out other files. Actually, this is the way free file hosts make money from the users along with premium account selling.


Usually, this exasperates the free user with no megaupload premium accounts and he tries to bypass the download time with various methods. You can make use of Firefox browser addon to skip and bypass Megaupload download time and download files quickly. If you are the user who don’t have premium account username at Megaupload then try out  Firefox addon which works with Rapidshare, Mega upload and Depositfiles such as Skipscreen and if you want to only skip download limit of Megaupload then check out this working addon built specially for Megaupload free users.

Auto Download Megaupload Files

The Megaupload addon is under experimental stage but it works with latest Firefox version. Just check the Let me install.. and download the addon onto your Firefox. With the addon you can also make a work around and use it as link generator tool. For desktop downloader, check out the Megaupload download manager freeware tools that is able to download files quickly like an premium user.

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