Demonoid Alternative Torrent Websites as Demonoid is Down

Here are some of the best torrent websites alternative to Demonoid torrent site. We already know demonoid is not working as of now! I predicted demonoid downtime is affected due to user reg. overload as demonoid in India seemed to be  down for a lot of users.

Thanks to the user shouts through comments for letting us know that demonoid is not shut down and they didn’t ban IP of users (perhaps), instead, demonoid closed for temporary hardware changes and electrical power issues therefore the page of Demonoid maintenance mode is displayed on the homepage of

I’ve already written about the top torrent websites that also includes Demonoid – So, for those of you who were using demonoid as there primary torrent website for finding, downloading torrents and are unavailable to find an alternative check out these torrent sites for the time being.

Note that these demonoid alternative are for legal use only. Torrent sites can be a reason for piracy but they also feed legal downloads and demonoid is one such site that has tons of books, legal music and free promotional software. So use the list of alternatives for useful purpose only!

Some of the public torrent tracking and private torrent sites alternative to demonoid are mentioned here:

Private torrent websites

  • Torrentleech
  • Bitmetv
  • Bit soup

Public torrent websites

  • The pirate bay
  • Isohunt
  • BT Junkie
  • Minonova
  • Bwtorrents

Do let me know if you are accessing other sites whenever Demonoid is down icon smile Demonoid Alternative Torrent Websites as Demonoid is Down

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