Download Theme Skin for Foobar 2000 Player

Recently I already wrote about Foobar2000 player which is one of the lite mp3 music player for Windows with a simple interface. And here is a way to change the default Foobar skin into a glossy theme. The glossy Foobar skin is named as foostriped and thanks to lasse from deviartart for developing it, you can directly downloaded the theme from here.

Installing Foobar Skin

This theme will not work with Foobar2000 or the latest foobar version.

After downloading and extracting a foobar2000 theme you have to apply the changes on the default interface. For this visit the root foobar folder which is usually located in the program files.

You will find the Components and PanelsUI folder, copy and paste the new theme component and PanelsUI to this foobar components, PanelsUI located in the program files. Make sure you do this carefully and have a backup if necessary. Now open Foobar and navigate to the Preference menu to change use the Foobar theme!

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