How to Download Videos From Youku instantly is one of the finest video sharing community that lets user and media partner upload a tad bit longer video clips than YouTube. Of course, the ability to watch whole episodes or clips entices us to download Youku videos onto our desktop.

So how to download YouKu videos? First and foremost — you should know that Youku videos are split in segment i.e., the .FLV files you see on YouKu are actually split into 7 minute video that can get tricky to download. However, I will try my best to list out the best possible ways to save YouKu videos instantly onto your computer. Feel free to share any other methods you are aware of..

Method 1 – Use Internet download manager and Clipnabber

Visit Youku and click on the video you’d like to download. Copy the url of the video (from the browser address bar) and paste it onto Clipnabber (its a online tool to download videos. Check out You can instantly download any Youku video now!

Like I said, the videos maybe divided into segment depending on the file size, clip nabber will show all the parts of the video which can be downloaded using any download manager such as Internet download manager. If you’re on firefox, you can download and install add-ons as well.

Method 2 – Download YouKu downloader

If the first method doesn’t work (why wouldn’t it work? Seriously, it does!), or if you want to use the alternate method then download YouKu downloader.

Thankfully, YouKu has their own download manager that can be used for downloading videos right off from their website. All you have to do is visit the video and click on the green downward arrow button to download the Youku download manager.

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Although I had a hard time figuring it out on how to download this Youku download manager, but I’d rather suggest trying out the first method which seems pretty easy if you are unable to use the download manager as its in Chinese.