What is .PLS File and how to Open .Pls Format files extension ?

Here is a basic idea about PLS file extension which is a playlist containing list of media songs that are playable in most of the music players! .Pls is Playlist representing list of files in a organized form. The playlist might contain any number of files, you can add files with different file format or extension in a .pls file but when you open the .pls file on music players then most of the unknown files are often ignored by the music player.PLS is also referred to as a extension used for downloading streaming audio songs from Internet world.

How to create .PLS FIle ?

You can create your playlist using free playlist creator and save the file.PLS file extension act as a reference to the songs which are stored on to your local computer. We can create a .PLS playlist using winamp by gathering all the songs and saving them as playlist from the menu option. Unknown and undetectable file formats in the .pls file which cannot be played by music player are often skipped.

Why is .M3U .PlS files different from each other ?

Like I said (Refer to M3U File),M3u is a playlist containing Mp3 music files which can be played only on mp3 players like 1by1 lite player or Winamp, .PLS is itself a playlist file which might contain mp3,wma or any other media files in them. M3U files are not playable as they are playlist containing mp3 songs,PLS files can be opened and played only by installing music players such as Winamp or Real player.PLS has the caching ability which stores information of the media such as song title,song play length and also provides orderly arrangement of music.

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How to Open .PLS file Format ?

As Microsoft windows softwares cannot detect PLS file format,the need for installing music players is a must to open and listen to the playlist file.When you want to view or open .pls as a playlist then make use of popular music player like Nullsoft Winamp,Apple itunes and RealNetwork’s Real player as they have a built in codec support for opening playlist files.