How to get money from the internet

Do you want a casual job that can be done anytime anywhere but the pay is big? If so, you must know the tricks and ways to earn money from the internet. Among millennials, the internet has indeed been used as a place to earn income without having to go out of the house every day.

This is because business and work are handled through an online system, so that all that is needed is a PC or laptop and an internet connection. In fact, most of the activities to make money on the internet can also be done with just a gadget.

12 Ways to Get Money from the Internet With No Capital

  1. Selling Handicraft Products

Do you like to make DIY crafts (Do It Yourself) or know someone who produces them? Feel free to take the opportunity to sell these products online on various promising sites, such as Etsy or through certain marketplaces.

So that your product gets a lot of attention by site visitors, present a product with an attractive design and concept as possible. Don’t forget to provide a description of the benefits of the product and a clickbait title so that visitors are interested in seeing the details.

  • Selling Software (Software)

For those of you who are in the IT world, you can start a project by developing software for sale. Before creating software, it’s a good idea to do market research first to find out what kind of applications are the most sought after.

After that, then start making software. In the final stage, don’t forget to ask for input from beta testers and users to get criticism and suggestions for improving the application. Finally, do the marketing campaign as much as possible according to the budget.

  • Proofreader

The job of a proofreader is to check the quality of the text. The proofreader must ensure that the text is free from typos or typos, perfect in grammar, formatting, use of punctuation marks, spaces, etc. This profession is usually offered by book publishers.

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If you are interested in becoming an online proofreader, then you can look for this job on various Scribendi and Indonesian Freelancer sites. Both sites will bring you together with potential clients who need the services of a proofreader.

  • Author

A job as a freelance article writer can be the best choice for those who like to write. In addition to being able to practice skills and channel hobbies, by joining the services of the best article writer you will also be paid (salary depends on the number of words and the quality of writing).

To become an article writer, you only need to have skills in word processing, a laptop, and an adequate internet connection. If you have good English skills, then you can register as an English article writer with a higher salary.

  • Creating a Website Theme

For those who have graphic design skills, you can try your luck by creating various cool website themes for sale. In this era, the demand for new themes is increasing along with the booming online business.

The themes you create can be promoted through various social media accounts, as well as marketplaces, such as Monster Templates and Monster Themes. The problem of price, you are free to determine yourself. However, in order to sell well, you should create a unique and creative theme.

  • Doing Searches on Search Engines (Search Engines)

How to get money from the internet without having to have the next skill is to do a search on search engines. You must be very familiar with this browsing activity, right? Besides being easy, this activity is also quite fun, but of course it produces results.

To be able to get paid from searching, you only need to register on various platforms, such as Qmee, then install the extension. After that, do a search on popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.

  • Watching video
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Just imagine, just by doing trivial activities watching videos you can earn extra pocket money. How, very interesting isn’t it? The working system is also very simple, you just have to watch the video determined by the party who will pay.

Don’t think negative, usually the videos that must be watched are only short videos and advertisements. In addition, you are free to watch while lying down and your eyes closed. Some platforms that are willing to pay you to watch include, Swagbucks.

  • Opening an Online Course

Do you like teaching but are constrained by the pandemic, so it’s not possible to teach offline? Don’t worry, you can make a career and still teach online. Unlike online coaching, online courses require you to focus on one site.

The first step that must be done is to build a website and then install the plugin. For optimal results, you should choose a niche according to your passion, and create interesting, educational content. Examples of online course web are, Ruang Guru, Udemy, etc.

  • Creating a Job Vacancies Website

The need for work is very great. On the other hand, parties who need employees also want to recruit prospective employees with certain criteria. You can meet the needs of job seekers and locker providers by opening a job vacancy site.

How to get money from the internet by making a web locker is quite easy. You can charge companies that are interested in advertising on your site, or apply a subscription fee for visitors to be able to see the available lockers.

  1. Photo and Video Editing Services

If you can operate several photo or video editor software, then you can start opening photo and video editing services. You can promote these skills through various social media platforms, and don’t forget to post on Facebook groups.

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The results that can be obtained from editing services are actually pretty good. Because the rate varies depending on the level of difficulty of editing and the number of photos and video duration to be edited. The main key to a successful career in this field is to prioritize the quality of the edits.

  1. Developer

If you master the programming language even though you are self-taught, of course it will not be difficult to get a job online. The reason is, currently there are lots of companies looking for developers with remote work systems.

Programmers are really needed in this modern era. Besides being easy to find work, both offline and online. The salary offered for developer and programmer positions is also above average. This is certainly in accordance with the work done.

  1. Online Foreign Language Teacher

Mastering more than one language can in fact make it easier for you to earn online. So, those of you who have been struggling to learn a foreign language all this time can start practicing skills as well as looking for money, by teaching languages ​​online.

Confused don’t know where to start? You can start by posting your skills on various job vacancies sites. In addition, there is nothing wrong with promoting on various social media or joining a teaching platform that is looking for a foreign language teacher.

How to get money from the internet above is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for solutions to increase income but do not have large capital to open an offline business. Armed with certain skills, you can start a career according to your passion.