Mac Tip: Remove And Rearrange Icons of Menubar

If you love to fiddle with Mac apps on a consistent basis, then your Mac’s menubar is probably full of icons already. This can be frustrating.

The Mac’s menubar is a semi-transparent bar on the top of your screen. Some of the third party apps — along with built-in features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, volume, etc. — take pride in sitting on this menubar, eventually slowing down your system during start-up.

For instance, Dropbox users will find a blue colored Dropbox icon on the menubar. Same is the case when you install VMWare. Or Little Snitch. So if you have a good deal of applications installed on your Mac, expect a good number of items/icons goggling at you from the menubar.

More often than not, the third party apps located on your menubar runs automatically in the background. Don’t you think its time to cleanup, rearrange or even destroy some of these items from the jam-packed menubar?

So how do you remove or rearrange these menubar items?

Removing and rearranging the items of menubar is a child’s play once you know the shortcut. All you have to do is this:

Hold down the Command key and drag the icons out of the menu bar, like this.

This is only applicable for built-in items. If you want to get rid of those third party icons as well, then launch System Preference, go to Users & Groups. Select the Login Items tab and you are free to remove these apps by clicking the minus (-) button.

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