Apple and its iPhone reach a record number of profits

iPhone reach a record

2020 could not have started better for Apple, after the balance sheet of the last quarter of last 2019. The company has managed to have as a profit the not inconsiderable quote of 20,000 million euros. A figure never achieved so far in a single quarter.

Revenues are not bad either, more than 83,000 million euros, which has also allowed them to beat all the income records held in a quarter.

Behind these data seems to be the good reception that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, the flagship of the house, have had in the market. Christmas has to be taken into account that it also helps the demand for its star terminals to have skyrocketed.

Good data, without a doubt, for the moment the company is going through in search of a new approach to its products. The drop in demand for smartphones, largely due to strong market competition, has led the brand to rethink its product catalog.

Apple now intends to grow, in sectors such as digital content, online television, or music content. Although the company does not report the units of iPhone sold, the income that its sale produced exceeds 50,000 million euros.

These good results are also extended to its Apple TV + streaming television service, which is already offered in more than a hundred countries and at a price that does not reach 5 Euros. The launch of a new credit card and technologies such as Air Pods or the Apple Watch have been bearing fruit.

This good data has had a direct consequence on its listing on the stock market. As soon as these quarterly balance sheets were made public, their shares have appreciated by around 2.8%. Each share today has twice the value of what it had a year ago. Without a doubt, a good opportunity for those who like to bet on the world of the stock market.

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