concept D7 Spatial Labs Edition: this is Acer’s laptop with a 3D screen

this is Acer's laptop with a 3D screen

For professionals and designers, this is Acer’s laptop with a 3D screen, Acer has just introduced the new concept d7 SpatialLabs Edition, a high-performance laptop that offers a 3D screen as a particular feature and can be viewed without the need for any type of 3D glasses.

This computer offers a stereoscopic 3D experience without glasses with real-time rendering and thanks to different technologies, thus offering better comfort to all those who are going to use it since they will not have to carry glasses anywhere.

How could it be otherwise, we find the advanced Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics capable of moving any type of demanding design application or other software. The rest of the technical characteristics accompany and make the concept 7 SpatialLabs Edition a very powerful computer.

this is Acer's laptop with a 3D screen

ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition, technical specifications

We have already known some details of the concept 7 SpatialLabs Edition, but now we offer you the complete list of technical specifications. Highlights its 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor and a GPU whose most powerful model may be the one we have mentioned.

For the rest, we have up to 64 GB of RAM and internal storage that can reach 2 TB in PCIe NVMe SSD format. Although Acer does not specify the exact size of the screen, you should know that it offers 4K / UHD resolution and Delta E <2 color accuracy.

The 3D experience that this computer is able to offer is carried out by a series of cameras that control the movement of the user’s eyes so that the device projects at least 2 images through an optical lens that is on the screen and makes refraction.

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There are not many more details of the concept 7 SpatialLabs Edition, but it should have different ports, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and good autonomy in its battery. Taking into account that we are facing such a top and advanced laptop, we anticipate that its price is high.

In fact, the concept 7 SpatialLabs Edition can be obtained in Spain from next December for a starting price of € 3,599, a price that can be raised further depending on the mode you choose since not all will have the same RAM, space, and graphics.