Google will send free pen drives to some users for this important reason

Google will send free pendrives to some users

Internet security is one of the main factors of which everyone should be aware of at least a logical use of the network, that is, we should always know the risks to which we are exposed when we browse the Internet, so Google will distribute free pen drives.

Google has a team designed to detect and stop cyber criminals using the most sophisticated technology. One of the most advanced security solutions that Google has been working on for a long time is APP, Advanced Protection Program in Spanish, a function that users can activate to have greater security on the Internet.

This advanced protection program is available to everyone, but it is intended for the most part for those people who own organizations or are at higher risk of receiving cyberattacks, such as officials, activists, or journalists among others.

High-risk users will be protected by receiving a pen drive with which they can protect their devices. Google has partnered with organizations around the world to be able to distribute free of charge more than 10,000 pen drives throughout 2021 to these high-risk users so that they have greater protection on the network.

IFES, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, is one of the associations with which Google has collaborated to be able to distribute free flash drives among those attending its events, which include journalists in the Middle East and women activists in the virtual event called “She Leads”.

It will be in 2022 when Google will expand the work it does with IFES to be able to distribute more free “Titan Security” pen drives and thus be able to increase Internet security in a more secure way and avoid hacker attacks.

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Another organization with which Google collaborates to provide more security is UN Women, which offers consultations and security workshops that support women around the world who are at greater risk of suffering cyberattacks, such as journalists, activists, political or executive among others.

This is the reason why Google will give free pen drives or security keys to more than 10,000 users for free, in order to increase Internet security and prevent cybercriminals from crossing security barriers.