Instagram will warn of technical problems within the app

Instagram will warn of technical problems

Soon it will be Instagram itself that will notify you of technical problems \ that may be affecting the operation of the social network in case it is important.

Probably the significant drop that occurred a few days ago on Instagram has led to the acceleration of the arrival of this new section within the app, and we must remember that last week there was one of the most important drops of the service in recent months.

Instagram was inoperative for at least 6 hours in which users could not do anything at all, then it was known where the cause of the fall was, but while it lasted, users had no choice but to wait for the problem to be solved.

From Instagram, they believe that those who use their social network have the right to know what is happening at all times with the service and they are already testing functionality that will inform people that there is some type of technical incident in the social network.

This information will appear in the news feed and thus the user will be warned that there are problems within Instagram, which allows him to explain why the social network would not be working well. This is not a notification, but rather an information.

Instagram will warn of technical problems

The novelty is running in the United States and they will be testing it for a few months, then it will be tested in other countries before it becomes official, although first, they will have to analyze whether this new section within the app makes sense and is useful for users.

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If so, they will expand the functionality of reporting technical bugs to other countries and that means that it could reach Spain, although it is still unknown. Having this option is very useful since up to now Instagram users know that a crash has occurred and that it is resolved by comments they see on Twitter, where they can verify that they are not the only ones with bugs.