How many PlayStation has Sony sold among all its variants?

Sony sold among all its variants

Sony entered the world of consoles with its PlayStation 1 back on December 3, 1994. Since that day the PlayStation has reached its fourth generation and is about to enter the fifth generation with the PlayStation 5 . Without forgetting also the portable versions that there have also been and with different success among most gamers. How many PlayStations has Sony sold among all its variants?

Sony sold among all its variants
PlayStation consoles

In this article, we are going to tell you how many consoles have been sold in all these years of all the generations of PlayStation that have gone on sale.

Index of contents:

  • 1 PlayStation 1
  • 2 PlayStation 2
  • 3 PlayStation 3
  • 4 PlayStation 4
  • 5 PlayStation Portable PSP
  • 6 PlayStation Vita ó PSVita

PlayStation 1

The first of the family to hit the market was the PlayStation 1 in 1994 in Japan, to reach the United States and Europe the following year. At that time the market was dominated by Sega and Nintendo who suffered the great success of the PS1. Sega even stopped releasing consoles due to the great success of the PS1.

In total, 104,250,000 million PlayStation 1 consoles were sold until March 23, 2006, which was when Sony stopped manufacturing it.

The best-selling game was Gran Turismo with 11,150,000 million units.

As anecdotal data to say that the last game to be published for this console was Legendary Hits: Dewprism in 2007.

Sony sold among all its variants

PlayStation 2

It took until the year 2000 to see the second generation of this family on the street, which would receive the name of PlayStation 2 . In this year it left first in Japan and then at the end of the year to reach the United States and Europe.

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A slimmer version was released in 2004 but with the same main features.

Until January 3, 2013, when production was discontinued, the PlayStation 2 sold 160,180,000 units worldwide.

Its best-selling game was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with 30,270,000 units.

Sony sold among all its variants


PlayStation 3

The Ps3 took a huge step forward in terms of graphic quality, achieving a realism never seen before on a Sony console. It was released on November 11, 2006, in Japan. Then came the United States and the following year Europe.

At first, its biggest problem was the high price with which it was released, although with the passage of time this was reduced until it was more accessible to all pockets.

The project was abandoned by Sony in 2017 and in total, 86.58 billion consoles were sold.

Its best-selling game was Grand Theft Auto V with 21,300.00 units.

Sony sold among all its variants

PlayStation 4

The fourth generation arrived with the PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013, first in the United States and then going out in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Of it, 102,800,000 units have been sold, but it is the only one of all that is still in all the high and possibly it will become the best-selling PlayStation in the future.

Here too the best-selling game is Grand Theft Auto V with 16.120 billion copies sold.

Sony sold among all its variants

PlayStation Portable PSP

The first portable PlayStation was the PSP, released in 2004. It had a 4.3-inch screen and even a slim version came out in 2007.

In total, the PlayStation Portable sold 80.82 million consoles and it can still be found in many stores, both second-hand and brand new.

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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was the best-selling game with 7.49 million copies.

Sony sold among all its variants

PlayStation Vita & PSVita

The PlayStation Vita was Sony’s second portable console. It was released on December 17, 2011, to replace the PSP.

Unlike other members of the family, the PSVita did not achieve the success that was expected and had about 16 million units sold.

The best-selling PSVita Game is MineCraft with 2.47 million copies.

Sony sold among all its variants