The technology that helps to cope with the coronavirus

cope with the coronavirus

Disinfectants, waiters, nurses, today robots are not what they were. The global health alert raised by the coronavirus virus has shown that technology can be a good ally to stand up to germs.

In the US, where just a few weeks ago the first affected person was diagnosed, doctors at all times have stayed away from the patient. A robot is the one in charge of communicating with it, thanks to the speakers, microphone, and screen with which it is equipped. The robot also allows taking the temperature of the patient or examining him with a stethoscope. The machine has been baptized as Vici and it does not only serve to prevent possible infections, but also to lighten the workload that doctors are subjected to.

Minimizing human contact has become essential to tackle the situation. This has also been understood in the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital in South China. In this health center, a robot is in charge of taking the medication to the sick. The robot is capable of taking the elevator or opening and closing doors autonomously.

In Chinese urbanization, it is a drone equipped with thermal cameras, which takes care of taking the temperature of the neighbors. In this way, they do not have to go outside to be controlled.

Also in a Chinese hotel, a robot is in charge of bringing food to clients who remain in quarantine. A total of about 200 people remain in isolation after traveling on the same plane as passengers from Wuhan. The robot dubbed Peanut communicates with customers through WeChat, the most popular instant messaging application in China.

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And the robot cleaners could not be missing. In this case, there are several American companies that manufacture autonomous devices that disinfect and clean the spaces that are indicated in just five minutes. These companies have offered their robots for the disinfection of airplanes, more specifically the company called Dimer has designed a robot specially indicated for use in airplanes. Through ultraviolet light, the developed system is capable of eliminating 99.99% of germs.

The technology, so criticized some occasions, shows that it is also capable of being of great help in dealing with the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus.