These are the news that the new USB 4 brings us

new USB 4 brings us
new USB 4 brings us

This 2020 will be the year in which the new USB 4 brings us, although we will surely have to wait several years for it to become a standard among connection protocols.


This new version of USB stands out mainly for its speed, reaching 40 Gbps, which is twice what USB 3 can currently give. The truth is that this data is rather indicative since in order to reach these speed peaks they have several different factors have to be given. It will depend on the type of cable that is used or that the device with which we are connected allows this speed. We must clarify that although USB 4 will allow 40 Gbps, it will also have 10 and 20 Gbps options, with the manufacturer choosing the speed that their devices allow.


USB connectors

In addition, thanks to the “Alt mode” of DisplayPort 2.0, the USB 4 can use its two lanes in a single direction and can reach 80 Gbps. Ideal for future 8K resolution televisions or devices that need to move large amounts of data instantly.


Another novelty that comes with the new USB 4 is the possibility of being able to charge devices with speeds of up to 100W in a more efficient way thanks to its new USB PD charging standard.


The backward compatibility with USB-C is also ensured, so that new devices with USB leaving 4 may be used in the three USB connectors, but obviously without the advantages of the new version.

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