Creative Facebook Omegle Trick / Prank

Play This Facebook Profile Trick on Omegle User

Let’s take a scenario: You are visiting Omegle, chatting with random people and then, out of nowhere, you are able to trace stranger’s identity and show them their Facebook profile? They are definitely shocked! How super cool is that?

You have to send them a URL, and when the “stranger” clicks on it, he/she will be directed to their Facebook account. This is a fake trick, and today I will show you how to pull this prank on Omegle users. First, a really good proof:

How to: Play a Facebook Prank on Omegle Users

Step 1

Go to Omegle. Start a text or video conversation.

Step 2

Tell the stranger you know their Facebook profile. Probably you can also claim yourself as a genius, if that’s who you are.

Step 3

Copy the URL given below.

Step 4

Paste the URL in the Omegle chat window. Let the stranger click on it.

How the Trick Works:

In reality, the Facebook link doesn’t exist. The URL you have copied is a dummy URL that automatically points to your own Facebook account, given that you are logged in. This has been one of my favorite trick in the book! Give it a try.

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