Availability of HP TouchPad Tablet?

HP has pumped life into the TouchPad by discontinuing the support for WebOS device. What seems to be another iPad-like device is now selling like hot cakes, sparking a buying frenzy among the geeks.

Evoking people worldwide with its lustrous offer, HP TouchPad 16GB model price has been slashed from $499 to $99 while the 32GB model is slimmed down to $149.


The price cuts are enticing. Paying $99 for a tablet is no big deal, but the question that has left everyone in a tizzy is this: where does one buy HP TouchPad from?

For the US crowd, most of the well-known stores have gone Out of Stock, leaving the international TouchPad fanatics to pay twice the price to get hold of this tablet. The demand for this tablet has gone through the roof.

Availability of HP TouchPad?

Apparently, all the HP TouchPad models are sold out online. Give a ride to HP’s site, Barnes & Noble or Best Buy, and you are less likely to stake out a claim.

However, news is that HP will slide a truck full of fresh TouchPads to the stores next week. So, for those who can wait, just hang in there for a couple more days.

And for those interested, the web is jam-packed with HP news, and to find a site that lists the stores and TouchPad availability is not that easy. However, the members at SlickDeals have taken the initiative by investing hours of research in listing the retail and online stores and their availability of TouchPad.

Sam’s Club – Off and on stock today (Mon)

Sears – one lucky guy got price match by chat for 16gb – mrkk – I bought one on Saturday full price. Called on Sunday since I saw the price reduced to $149.99 on their website. Got the email with the credit given yesterday – waiting for my tablet in the mail

Staples – Never had stock when price dropped, the people that got it for $49 bought it before Friday and got it price adjusted. – Will not have any more shipments

Target – No TouchPad available.

TigerDirect – Shipping notifications have been sent out to those who were able to buy one. Check order status to confirm.

Walmart – Mostly B&M purchases

Zones.com – None available.

Office Depot – Some have called Customer Service and have been told that their order has either been shipped or is going to be shipped the following day and have been told to call back later for tracking number.

Office Max – at least one shipping confirmation. – Two shipping confirmations now. Shipping from Tukwila, WA, United States wherever the heck that is.

And much more can be found on SlickDeals. Keep a close eye on this site.

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Did you buy the HP TouchPad?

$99, that’s cheap for a tablet, especially when we take the hardware — not to forget the aesthetic WebOS — into consideration. But now you’ve got to figure out how to get the tablet, not what to do when you get it.

Really, for this price, HP TouchPad is a trendsetting tablet. A device that could easily replace our laptops, if only was it available in abundance.

As of this writing, though the price of HP TouchPad 16GB model is $99, the device is nowhere available in the online stores for international users. Amazon sellers, in the hopes of profiting, have tripled the price of the tablet.

Link to the Amazon Store.

Last night the product was “Out of Stock” but now it’s back at $299. Yes, $299.