Is AVG Internet Security 9 A Worthy Update?

A newer version of AVG Internet Security has been released. This software basically provides protection to our pc from getting infected with viruses and other threats and also helps clean our already infected pc.

The AVG Internet Security 9 which is the newest update for the AVG suite is almost the same with the older versions. Nothing has changed much and is almost the same except with the new version name and has a little bit of a problem over its presentation area. It is difficult to find the things that you need such as the tools for firewall protection and antivirus scanner.

The new version of AVG Internet Security 9 also is a bit slower in booting up as compared to its previous versions or even with other free antivirus softwares. It takes a lot of time in scanning the targeted areas than it usually does, it has been estimated that it will take 3 to 4 minutes longer than its older versions.

Although AVG Internet Security 9 can detect infections in your systems better than that of your average internet security, still it is not 100 percent. Since it does not detect and clean all infections in your pc such as those nasty malwares, the latter will cause problems in the long run.

But this version do has its merits. It has been at its best in detecting stealth malwares and has 87 percent success rate in detecting such infections which is the average for most anti-virus soft-wares. It is also important that this hidden malwares be detected, right?

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In the field of behavioral malware detection, AVG Internet Security has proven that it is most excellent on that particular field because it was able to get hold of Sana Security. It has been performing its best at behavioral scanning and removing the malwares with 93 percent effectively as compared to other suites.

Lastly, AVG Internet Security 9 has this so called Linkscanner that prevents malware from attacking your pc even before you open a website. It generally allows you to visit a site but it scans the link you are about to visit and removes the undesirable content which will infect your pc.

Overall, I can say that AVG Internet Security 9 is no so much different with its other versions. Though, it is still best that you keep your internet security updated to prevent any harmful malwares in infecting your pc.