How Good is Sony’s PS3 Move Against Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect?

It was looking as if Nintendo Wii would take the cake in the motion-controlled gaming market, but now Sony is planning to catch up and get its own share. Very soon you will have the PS3 Move, a collection of devices which create motion controls more accurate than what you get on the Nintendo Wii right now.

The games specifically designed for the Move offer better high-definition graphics and frame rates than the Wii. But let’s not forget that the Move has to be compared to the Microsoft Kinect too, to be judged just how good it is.

Though the Kinect motion controller is an attempt by Microsoft to bring motion-gaming to the Xbox, it is quite different from the Wii. Here a camera placed under your TV allows you to interact with the game and you become the controller!

But despite that it is Sony’s PS3 Move controller which looks a better proposition overall, at least for end users.

First of it’s the price of the Sony’s Move which will attract you. In the bundle you get a PlayStation Eye, a Move controller and a bonus game for $100! If you have already got the PlayStation eye camera, you have to spend even lesser amount of money.

Given that Nintendo Wii has ubiquitous appeal and offers motion gaming at a ridiculous $200, other companies are going to have a hard time matching that level of economy. But the Move seems better equipped than the Kinect which costs $150 and $300 with the Xbox console. In this financial climate, people may go for the cheaper option, as has been proved time and again.

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Moreover, Sony Move console has a wide variety of games on offer, as compared to the Microsoft Kinect. You can play games such as SOCOM 4, Resident Evil 5, Heavy Rain and many more exciting titles. While Microsoft may yet be working on a vast array of game titles, the ones available right now are pretty basic and will not appeal to the real gamer.

So, if you want more excitement that Zumba Fitness or petting a few animals in on a private island via the Kinect, Sony’s Move should be your weapon of choice and with good reason too.