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Chrome OS vs iOS: You Decide

By Rahul Dowlath | Google , Opinion

Google has finally unveiled its much-anticipated operating system, Chrome OS, at a press conference in San Francisco, on December 7th. Expected to battle head-to-head with Apple’s industry-shaping iOS (that powers a limited number of Apple-specific devices in the guise of the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone), Chrome OS will adopt the one-software-fits-all ideology of Google’s […]

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Lowdown on the New Google TV

By Sidharth | Google , Opinion

Internet search giant Google has taken a new leap forward in being able to offer a new level of home entertainment to users that desire to take complete advantage of their television sets. The all new Google TV system is the latest technological breakthrough that has made satellite television a thing of the past. Unlike […]

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Thumbs down for Gmail Notes!

By Jim Roberts | Google , Opinion

Whenever we get announcements of enhancements and additional features on anything, we take it as a good news. But that is, sadly not the case when Google came up with Gmail Notes. It’s a hopeless, much-hyped but unsubstantiated feature. Like most people, I was one of the initially ecstatic one with the Gmail Notes news. […]

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