IT Pros Recommend Android Over iPhone Smartphone

Android is the best smartphone for average users, says IT Professionals.

TechRepublic recently came up with a public poll asking its members about the smartphone platform they recommend to everyday users. Exactly 50% of these IT pros preferred Android, while only 32% of them leaned towards iPhone.


Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is the next recommended smartphone choice with an encouraging 13% recommendation, while BlackBerry — at 5% — is failing to impress these IT professionals.

Do You Love Your Android Phone?

The above statistics may not put an end to the debate concerning the iPhone and Android devices, but they do provide a glimpse of the bigger picture here. Usually, taking sides of either Apple or Google’s Android is more than enough to get the entire world riveted and divided.

Some of you may love iPhone over Android.

However, it is true that every Android sale strengthens the Open Source community, which encourages Google and third-party developers to bring something new, ultimately meeting the end users need.

On the other hand, Apple has done amazingly well to grab our eyeballs through the polished iOS integrated to its solid smartphone.

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