Facebook Scam: Free Complimentary FB T-shirt

Luring millions of users with a free t-shirt offer, spammers have successfully deployed a nasty yet viral approach to hijack your Facebook account.

It’s a known fact that Facebook has been riddled with spam. From ‘Free iPad’ to “Free Mobile Recharge,” spammers now have a new show up that uses your friends Facebook account.

The updates of the affected account are as follows:

Awesome I just received my complimentary FB Tee.

WOW! FB just sent me a FREE T-shirt, Request your free FB-tshirt from here:-

This begs for the question: Can we really get a free Facebook T-shirt?

Free Facebook T-shirt:

The answer is no, you won’t be able to get one. However, you can put your personal information at risk.

The link mines your personal information and spreads the message to your friends through Status Update. Your friends are further enticed to get a free t-shirt (who doesn’t want one?), eventually making this scam a massive hit.

And so, the cycle repeats.

Another interesting — ahem — addition is that the accounts charged with this scam will automatically ‘like’ status update of your friend, who has been attacked with the same scam. In other words, the ‘inter-liking’ of Status Update is convincing enough to magnetize your attention and force you to click on the link, but you’d be better off not clicking on it!

I am assuming the only way to get rid of this spam is to check for Apps (under Settings) and remove the suspicious app that is triggering the message. I’ve been fortunate not to involve in this spam, as I don’t embrace Facebook tees.

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