iTunes Vs Google Music: The Music Evolution on Internet

Recently, Google revealed its plan to release comparable software against that of Apple’s iTunes. With this development, what more to say about the changes that will take place soon in the current software features that iTunes offer to millions of its users?

Ever got frustrated with how you are currently managing your music, photos and movie libraries? Well, I do get frustrated. But I guess we need not worry more because Google Music release seems to be a better way of taking care of your data, thanks to the rivalry between the two (Apple and Google).

Apple iTunes Vs Google Music

Though there are many doubts if the search giant will really release this software, the recent acquisition of Simplify Media, a startup that provides software for you to share your iTunes and Windows Media Player with a number of devices, applications and platforms without the need of synchronizing or tethering.

Furthermore, the official Google Music logo is now available via Google domain, though not yet listed on their press site.

Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice president shared that Simplify’s technology will be utilized to power a new application for desktop that will allow a quick access to media on Android devices. Moreover, the songs that you download will automatically be available on your Android without going through the trouble of tethering or syncing.


Now if you think that this kind of approach is somewhat already familiar with what iTunes is already undergoing, well it is. Rumors have it that Apple is also working on a new technology that will allow users to upload an entire iTunes media library without having to tether your device on a computer.

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Dubbed as cloud iTunes, it will let you cohesively use the music that you purchased on iTunes or other songs that you imported. If this is already possible you will be able to stream songs to any Apple iTunes device, like iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple TVs, Mac Computers and Windows. This will require however a different license agreement between the music industry and Apple which so far has not been heard of yet.

One of the many rumors that Apple is also developing is the service called iTunes Replay that will let you stream movies to your 1080p Apple TV.

Despite all the doubts in clouding, we can all tell that Google will be entering the music industry with a bang. And with the rivalry that is definitely feeling its way between the two technology giants we can only hope for the better and easier data management soon.