What Makes the New Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beta Much Better?

For any technological device you recently acquired, there’s always a new version that comes later on. This places many people in a dilemma whether they should leave their old programs and recently acquired mastery for the new one. It’s like the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beta which received a lot of raised brows if the purchase is worth it.

Lemme sum it up and spare you the few minutes of reading: It’s much better — by miles. It’s easier. It’s a big boost to creativity. It’s a big cut-down on work and a great kick to one’s creativity.

But of course, you’d want to know the basis for such few-worded claims why the CS5 is much better. So here goes the list of awesome features of Photoshop CS5:


Interface: Everything Is Where It Should Be… Plus More

Being new does not mean learning the unfamiliar territory all over again. The interface of CS5 has very little changes and trekking into your new purchase is being on friendly grounds. All these changes are meant for convenience, such as the Workspace experience, and greater accessibility to all your types of work, such as what the Mini-Bridge offers.

Advances in Camera RAW

The introduction of noise reduction algorithms include two sliders which, I think, makes it work excellently with Lightroom 3. Talk about saving time and still getting the best results!

Smarter Masking

Being the most burdened parts of the CS5, the masking and selection tools needed the smartest changes and improvements. And they have it now, starting with the refine edge dialogue box for precise selections, and tons of other selection tools. This renders greater creative output in less time.

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A Magic Eraser Tool

Aaaah. Who can do without the magic eraser? They exclude the trivial from the perfect pictures perfectly. There are a whole lot of options you could do with unwanted areas of photos so that only the best comes out.

Fun Creativity

For any avid user, the CS5 Photoshop is the best venue to boost creativity. With the Paint Brushes and the new Mixer Brush, all the options to have better control, and the Puppet Warp, users can learn and master the craft in a short time.

High Dynamic Range

Now, the HDR images of this better Photoshop offers even better quality output with the HDR-Oro offerings. It allows even greater precision and creative manipulations of any work, making it more defined for users and viewers alike.

Better Lens Corrections

With its improved lens correction filter, any need to heighten the images is now possible. Users can create or establish their Adobe Lens Profile creator and make adjustments to achieve picture perfection.

Lots of Little Tweaks

There are plenty of tweaks that may not be that important, in general, but prove very helpful for users, particularly those constraint with time. Examples would be the new Layer Effects default and the Scrubby Zoom.

Is It Worth the Upgrade?

All these positive changes to the CS5 are worth taking. It empowers users to come up with convenient and time-saving creative ventures, particularly those who frequently use cloning and masking, and painting. The decision would prove rewarding and there are programs on sale individually and in combos from Adobe that would work well for anyone.

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