The Amazon Kindle 3: Best Selling eReader of all time?

Though it had not been launched as spectacularly as was expected; the Amazon Kindle 3 is now rocking the market like never before. Scoring more e-book sales, Amazon has officially declared that the Kindle 3 is its all time best selling e-reader (based on pre-order stats).

Jeff Bezos was supposed to do the honors at the unveiling, but he did not. Anyway the star of the show is clearly the third edition of the revolutionary e-reader from Amazon.

The new Amazon Kindle 3 device comes with a new features as well as things which have been retained from older versions, but what will bowl you over is the price. At just $139 (for the Wi-Fi only version) Kindle was always going to blow away the attempts by other manufacturers to capture the market with rock bottom pricing.


The six inch screen of the device features a new type of E Ink display, one which makes for a better read than previous versions. The body of the device has also been redone and now it is 21% smaller and 15% lighter than before. About 8.5 oz. have been shed!

So has it been just changed looks and pricing that’s behind the success of the Kindle 3? Certainly not!

According to most users, the fact that Amazon Kindle 3 device has a capacity of 4GB, which means more storage space for e-book collections, is a huge plus. Even battery life of the kindle has been improved. The browser has also been improved but that’s really not a big deal because an E Ink device is hardly useful when it comes to browsing.

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Thus it is little wonder that the Amazon Kindle 3 is the most desired item on the Amazon store (as per the official statement) as the holiday season approaches. And now that the product has just started shipping it will be seen whether Amazon has delivered the goods.

If it has, then you can expect sales to shoot up phenomenally due to positive word of mouth once more customers have the product in their hands. Hope you have ordered yours already because there are going to be some long queues for sure!