Create and Play a Chess Game on Google Docs

Here’s an unconventional yet creative way to use Google Docs to play Chess game. You and one of your friend can enjoy playing this classic board game online without having to download anything.

Note that we are using a Google Docs template, which I first found on Reddit. You have to make a copy of this chess template (given below), create a link and then share the link with your friend. This is a perfect way to pass your time if you are sitting idle in your office, school or college.

How to Play Chess Through Google Documents

Step 1: Go to this Google Docs page.

Step 2: Click File > Make a Copy… This should create a copy of the template into your Google Docs account. If a Copy Document window pops up, click OK.

Step 3: Click File > Share. A link appears, which you can send it to your friend.

You can create any number of copies of the above template. Even editing the template is possible, only after you have copied the template to your Google Docs account.

You are also free to invite any number of people, but as you probably know that chess is a game played by two players, you’d be better off playing with only one friend at a time.

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