Fake Jailbreak Website Offers iOS 6 Jailbreak for iPhone 5/4S, iPad

By Sidharth | Apple

iOS 6 Jailbreaking Scams

Write anything on your blog, and a lot of people will believe you. That’s what happens here: I write, you read and you probably come back for more. In between all this we have people who market us their products, and every time they try to lure us by offering some kind of incentives.

Some companies and websites prefer sending physical products, but a lot of them offer us money. Here’s yet another website (which will remain unnamed) requesting us to write an article about their website. Here’s the email:


I am [redacted] contacting from [redacted]. I hope you are doing good.

We are searching for blogs to post news about our iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking website. Please let me know is it possible to purchase one link from your blogote.com site?

Our website [redacted] should rank well in Google for “jailbreak iOS 6“ or “unlock iPhone“ keywords, which is why we are offering you money to write a post.

We would like you to link to our homepage in a natural way from one of your upcoming posts.

In return we offer you a flat rate payment via PayPal. Right now, we are offering $50 for one post. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in doing?

We also have a popular monthly offer in which you must post one article every week about our website. We are offering $300 if you are ready to do this. Do let me know if you are up for this.


I ignored the email because that’s what I usually do. However, as I had to investigate further to write this post, I visited the website in question and learned that they are offering fake promises.

The site claims that iPhone 5/4S on iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 firmware can be jailbroken. Even the new iPad mini and iPad 4/3 can be jailbroken.

Note: There’s no iOS 6 jailbreak for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S devices. This holds true even for iPad 4/3 and iPod Touch 5G.

Sites like this often have a convincing sales page to converts readers into buyers. One has to pay $49 to get access to these so-called jailbreaking tools and tutorials.

Is this a Scam?

Since the launch of iPhone in 2007, we have seen a bunch of people working round the clock to exploit iOS and bring jailbreaking tools to the iOS users at no cost whatsoever. The iPhone Dev Team and others in the jailbreak community are freely giving away these jailbreak tools because, you know, that’s how they roll.

As of now, always remember that sites promising iOS 6 jailbreak on your iPhone 5/4S are not trustworthy, as there’s no iOS 6 jailbreak available to the public yet. There are dozens of “guaranteed jailbreaking for iOS 6 at $49… $99” websites out there, and all of these sites are here to make money out of you! And yes, they are running a scam!

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imagineer.burky November 4, 2012


I get really upset with these scams, from which I get constant hits on my News feeds. They have done a rather amazing job of creating something that looks real, but is NOT.

I sure hope that some agency starts to crack down on these guys as, the generosity of their offers to you, seems to indicate that they are stealing lots of people’s money and doing well enough at it to afford to market even more, and hurt more people.

I for one, appreciate your report, and hope more take responsibility like you have!!

Good job!

    Sidharth November 4, 2012

    Oh yes, this whole pay-to-jailbreak websites are working pretty well for these guys. Thanks for adding your thoughts here.

Pamula Burling November 4, 2012

Same problem with you guys and now I’m starting to hate myself of loving an apple products.. Arrgggghh

    Sidharth November 4, 2012

    “Same problem with you guys…” Not sure why you said that, but email me if we did anything wrong here. 🙂

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