Adblock+ For Opera 10 | Block Ads from Webpages

For any internet user, advertisement and pop ups can be annoying. Actually, this is the way webmasters make money to pay off there server bills along with sharing the information online with there readers who maybe interested in viewing the adverts. In fact I have advertisement on this website and I recommend you to download Adblock+ for chrome or Adblock+ for Firefox if these ads are obstructing with the content view.

Also earlier today, Opera 10 Unite browser was released with an excellent interface and browsing experience. Though I am not a big fan of browsers but I love the way Opera builds the browser and brings in quality features with every update. Anyway, getting back to the point – I’ve find out a way to block ads in Opera 10 browser without much fuss.

Note that there are already couple of adblock and adblocker tools available for Chrome, Safari, Opera browser, I haven’t tried them yet – But in anyway, advertisement, banners, JavaScript codes will be blocked in opera using this simple tutorial.

Adblock+ For Opera 10 Browser

Though this isn’t a Adblock+ plugin or any addon but it sure does what you need. First of all, open your opera browser and open any webpage (this page) and follow the instructions. Now, click on Tools –> Advanced –> Blocked content which allows you to block webpage content from the website.blockads_opera

A dialog box appears where you need to Add website or part of website to be blocked. Here is where you will convert your opera into adblocker browsing tool. Just add the following list I’ve compiled

Block Contextual Ads like Adsense, banners and advertisement*

Block Intext inline Advertisement from Website



You have to add each of the site manually using Add button as shown above, though this consumes few min but it is well worth the effort. Now close the dialog box and refresh this page again 😀 Magic!

  • TalphaLyra

    May I submit the following amendment, for Opera 11?

    The menu having now changed, first, press Ctrl+F12 to bring up Preferences. Then click on the Advanced tab. Next, select Content, in the list on the left. Then click on Blocked Content… to open the Blocked Content dialog box, as described in the article above, where you may Add (or Edit) your list of blocked sites.

  • ajtutxx

    Dude you’re awesome :) it worked like a charm!! great job!!

  • ritesh

    This actually worked really well! thanks

  • Jaime Dagata

    I like the appearance of this web.

  • twistedvincent

    How can I go about unblocking something??

  • notsofast* http://ad.* http://ads.* http://adserv** http://*.ads.* http://*/ads/* http://*banner* http://*Banner* http://count* http://*linkexchange* http://** http://** http://**

    i still see this, in fact when i go to block, often i am not given ability to block certain areas, and there are ads in those areas too. i blocked everything but the above.

  • newyorker

    it works

  • sb

    This works better than all the other alternatives existing for Opera. Great work. Thanks!

  • Mike

    That works awesome thank you!!

  • Guest

    Great! At last, thx do you I can now use opera whithout gettign annoyed.

  • qman

    Thank you so much, I’ve been using firefox for several years and was recently introduced to Opera, but when I found that it didn’t have all the options firefox had, I was disappointed… This has turned my out look around greatly. Thanks.

  • Anon

    Dude you rock!! This actually worked really well!

  • Midori

    Thank you! ^^ Now I can finally not be annoyed with the otherwise awesome Opera 10!

  • Bagels

    Hey, buddy, thanks so much! I downloaded opera on a whim, even though the last version didn’t impress me. This version of Opera was everything I needed: the look and feel of chrome with the functionality and awesomeness of Firefox, and the compatibility of IE.

    But no adblock! I was about to go back to FF till I read your article. Works like a charm.

  • kobe24

    oh yeah! this even works with Opera 10.5!! thanks man!

  • Unclefletch

    Thank you so much, I love Opera and I have been all over the internet trying to find a way to block ads the way I was able to do with Firefox. You’re suggestions were a great help and much appreciated. Once again…Many Thanks.

  • Alex

    You deserve a medal for this dude. Not having ABP was the one thing that kept me using Firefox instead of Opera, now its perfect!

  • Max

    Sorry. My English is very bad.
    Please add to block list this site:

  • Amish Garhwal

    Thank you sooo much. And yeah it is magic! TY Soo much. Now i wont be afraid of some adult contain while surfing the net.

  • GratefulGrateful

    It worked but I don’t really get it. I didn’t have the ads in the Opera 9.64 version but with the Opera 10 – it’s ads galore. Opera 9 reads my HOSTS file (which I keep updated), I think.

  • emilio

    thank you very much, it works

  • maahi89

    I used firefox before…
    But now I'm using opera…..
    Ads No More!!!!

  • Frankie

    Hey, Thanks alot it works great for me, no more ads in opera yeeeahhhhh

  • cheech_wizard

    One more pattern your readers might like: http://*urchin.js

    This one blocks in-depth tracking of your browsing habits by Google, via every site you visit that uses Google Analytics for traffic analysis – and that's a LOT of them. I use Analytics on my own sites and ones I maintain, but I certainly don't mind missing a few statistics here and there when SMART people drop by.

    This will not work if you have a Google toolbar; its primary function is to track 100% of the user's online activities, not just those that happen when on sites that use Google Analytics. Also of possible interest: Privoxy, the successor to Internet Junkbuster, is a cross platform ad filter and cookie controller that works for all browsers on all major plaforms.

    • Rockstarsid

      Excellent idea.. Appreciated!

  • MacPress

    thank you, but keep browsing with firefox, opera looking but not familiar

  • Frank359

    Actually, it is possible to block adds by clicking on them, instead of filling it in manually in a blocklist.
    Click anywhere on a webpage with the right mouse button. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s not on a link or a text box. Then select “Block Content”.
    Now you can do 2 things:
    – Click on an add with the shift button pressed. This will only block the specific add.
    – Click on an add without shift button. It will block more agressively, often a large part of the domain.

    Especially the last option works very well and it doesn’t have to block the entire site. Just the annoying part. If after this you keep getting the same advertisements (which rarely happens), you can always open the block list like described above and change a block to be more agressive.

    There is only one disadventage for the Opera ad blocker: It has difficulties blocking some types of advertisements.

  • James Smith

    Many thanks for the list. One of the sites I regularly visit gets hijacked by another making it near impossible to view it. I added the addresses to my browser’s blocked content and I can visit the site with no annoying hijack ad-page coming up.. :) Many thanks.

  • ck

    Followed instructions. Doesn’t work. :(

  • Virginie

    It’s a bit annoying indeed but it’s worth it. If only Opera had an addblock+ application though.
    Buuut, Opera’s still the best browser on earth so I’m keeping it. Thanks for the tip !

  • Fooi

    Thank you. It works perfectly. :)

  • Jeff

    I still have not understood why opera has not caught up to this like fire fox and add block + to do one at a time is a joke

  • Archi

    Thank you.

  • anony mouse

    Are you serious? This is horrible because you need to manually update your list. Give us something like Firefox’s adblock plus add-on where it’s as simple as clicking a button. They even update their block list for you! This is why Opera fails and cannot get high usage.

  • Rockstar Sid

    Originally Posted By poleaxe
    Maybe not! not enough patience at present

    Oh! Would’ve been awesome though…

    Will need a little free time to finish the list.

  • poleaxe

    Originally Posted By Buzz: i copied block list url from this link .Do i need put the symbol * each block list url?

    I’m about to do this Buzz – good plan. i’m gonna edit \Application Data\Opera\Opera 10 Beta\urlfilter.ini

  • poleaxe

    Maybe not! not enough patience at present

  • Rockstar Sid

    @Aravind Jose T. – I think it is valuable to spread the word about addons and plugins which blocks advertisement as it helps a lot for anyone surfing the web.

    I did my part of the work (help people).. And concerning about the revenue – Well, God will look after it 😀

    Thanks for passing by Aravind!

  • Rockstar Sid

    @Buzz – Yes you have to put the asterisk across the domain name..

    That’s a great idea by the way!

  • Rockstar Sid

    @Buzz – Yes, it is working on my side. Basically, we are adding the ad server names in the blocked content list and therefore it blocks those networks.

    Adding more ad servers to the list will block other adverts from the webpage!

  • Aravind Jose T.

    Nice to see this ?
    Are you ready to be stripped off your revenue ?

  • Buzz

    i copied block list url from this link .Do i need put the symbol * each block list url?

  • Buzz

    I was try it on Opera 9 and 10 but it before but it seems not working for me.Now i surprised with your result.Is that fully worked or half?