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Paypal is a online banking service which allows you to receive, send, withdraw money from over 190 countries. In case something goes wrong with your account, Paypal doesn’t have a instant online support care to answer your queries which is a setback for lots of people who has there account limited due to violation in terms of transaction of money. So it is recommended to contact Paypal customer care support immediately for confirming your account problem.

Usually if the problem with your paypal account is not complicated then you can except them to reply you with a mail within 24–48 hours. You can contact Paypal support using this link or directly get in touch with there support service at

But the Paypal customer service seems to be lazy fellows who doesn’t reply to your mail and send a automated email reply? If your paypal account is limited or you need your account to be restored then to get these sorted, make a phone call to the paypal support phone number. Contact Paypal customer service by making a phone call to there USA number but you need to have a lot of time in your hands as they tend to ignore/waste your time by saying you to “hold on” for sometime.

After a lot of search for this,I found the paypal phone number +18882211161 which you can use this through SKYPE so that you can call for free without wasting money on US calls. This is the best way to explain the representative and fax or scan the things they ask you for instant uplift from the account limitation!

Just found another Paypal Customer Support telephone number +1-402-935-2050. Hope this helps all the Paypal users who were finding it difficult for direct contact 😉

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Miriyam Kaladari February 15, 2013

hi i have been told by this guy who is travelling on the sea with a name williams Mongan that he has transferred $2700 to my account towards some rent advance for his daugher who is coming to live in australia soon and asking me to send back $800 to another travel agent through western union transfer so that paypal can release the rest of the funds. I received an e mail from pay pal and the ID no. 0TR19308DU070732T. Can you please check and replym me back if this is genuine-Miriyam

james August 21, 2012

why is it that when paying with paypal the page is in spanish? i dont understand spanish

wayne wingate August 17, 2012

I cannot link my bank with paypal. I had it linked before but have not used it. I have spoken to several representatives they said it is logged in to three accounts that i need to use another bank. this is the only bank i deal with. I can’t understand why it cab’t be deleted and i can just start a new account. I have things i would like to put on e-bay but i need pay pal. I nver had a problem when i used it before. But it seems I can’t get any help.
Wayne Wingate

Michael May 15, 2010

Hi i need to how to link my bank a/c to paypal and transfer money….can somebody help me please

Balachandra pattanaik April 21, 2010

Sir I made payment 19567.85 through pay pal to promote research, but they are not accepted pl. refund me immedietly . so that I can make payment because time is very short .. Thank u

iliyas shekh March 6, 2010

i am not getting payment from paypal

satish pal February 26, 2010

Thanks Buddy

you Really solve my problem

thanks a lot

RICK BLACK December 31, 2009


Mary Ann December 23, 2009

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I got no choice but to post this article hoping that somebody out there can read and help me ease my weariness.. Please help me solve this puzzle and I will shout to the world that it was your blog who had helped me and brightened my darkest moments in this blogging world. In return I will post an article about your blog. Promise!

sinus October 24, 2009


I started a webdesign company in kerala, India and i am developing a website that needs online money transaction. i want to know about paypal to include in my website.

Thanking You

    Sidharth October 24, 2009

    Yes, you can make use of Paypal donate button on your website and it is a easy transaction process.

    Good luck with your company!

Z July 6, 2009

Thanks a lot man , lemme check .

uptal March 6, 2009

I withdraw money from paypal but I am not receive money in my bank account .but In paypal payment status is completed .How to know what is the problems was occur.the money is fraude or it take time to deposit in my bank a/c please help me any one

Rajaie AlKorani October 6, 2008

My account’s been limited for a really long time now… this will definitely help me out

Nihar October 3, 2008

Hey, the number you mentioned will help lot of guys whose issues are not getting solved. Thanks for this find. I will note down the number.

My father’s paypal account has limited access from last 2 months and facing problems contacting them. Will try this number.


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