Torrent Uploaders that Match up to Axxo Movies Torrent

axxo_movie_torrentsI’ve already mentioned – who is axxo and how his top axxo movies quality are available online with a good seeding ratio.

Though aXXo isn’t uploading movie torrents now but there are other good DVD ripper within the torrent community who are well known for compressing, ripping movies in compatible format with excellent high quality visual scenes.

Here are the torrent uploaders username who are found in private torrent tracker as well as public tracker, there upload quality are almost equal to the axxo movies though sometimes the size may differ (Klaxxon movies are around 800mb+..).

If you are looking for axxo movies alternative then you can consider checking out these uploaders DVD rips stuffs which have been pretty good:

Best Torrent Uploaders near to aXXo quality uploads

  • FXG – Torrents uploaded by FXG are of high quality, averaging around 100 comment. Size is usually under 800mb.
  • FXM – Similar to FXG, provides movie torrents of almost around 700mb most of the time.
  • Keltz – Seen in demonoid torrent website, keltz quality of movies are pretty good though the size varies.
  • Klaxxon – Some say he is the disguised aXXo (Klaxxon), Klaxxon dvd rips are as good as aXXo and size is around 800mb.

Do you know any of the best torrent uploader or dvd rippers I’ve missed? Do let me know 😉

Update: Please take a moment and vote for the best torrent uploader.

  • nvwo

    YIFY mostly rulezz (there can be some exceptions, but mostly they make very good quality with very small file sizes).

  • RichyRich

    YIFY has the highest quality rips I’ve ever seen. The 720p rips from YIFY are better than most lower resolution rips you can find and are even smaller in file size. I’ve seen rips that are almost 2GB in size that aren’t even in the same league as a 650MB YIFY rip. Seriously guys, for hi resolution high quality stuff go with YIFY.

  • Linney

    yify torrents are the best!!! check them out!!

  • shubham

    YIFY is the best uploader nowadays he uploads HD movies in very less mb size…

  • Joe

    YIFY is the best no doubt about it, also Herakler, and Hero_No1

  • Jnanajyoti
    try this guy RIDDLERa, he rips 720p HD movies in about 450-650 mb(MOST OF THE TYM)

  • ikofig

    THE best thus far is Mr. KickASS, who produces rips of amazing quality with a file size just slightly bigger than the next best, with a resolution that is 3-4 time better. His rips are simply amazing! The first time I watched one, I had to check the zoom on my player! I would love to know how he does it.

  • Necessary Evil

    hey guys, i agree that axxo is the best simply because of the fact that he showed us the way by uploading some really good and authentic movies and was the first to do so in bulk. I personally like FXG since in the same size u get subtitles too and you dont have to search for it. FXM, Noir and a few others are also in the same class as axxo and FXG in terms of quality though I admit in the 2005 days axxo rips were better than FXG but FXG picked up really seen to match up with axxo. The LKRG group are also doing a decent job with their quality. Having said that Kingdom releases are in a different league altogether and i agree with what “Spike” has to say.The group “Secretmyth” is no more there and they have divided themselves into “HDLite” and “Icebane”.But they are expert Bluray rippers with x264 encodes which are superior than the older Xvid encode.And their quality is in a different league in comparison to any xvid encoder like axxo or FXG.You simply need to see the movie in a big screen and whew what a difference!!! but that doesnt take any credit off axxo and FXG since if they do similar encode and keep a larger file size im sure theyll do an equally good job. Apart from the now fragmented Secretmyth group, Feelfree and CHD also do a good job in bluray encoding. But my favourite Bluray ripper is “TheFalcon”. His quality I feel is the best and crispiest!
    Anyways..about aXXo – one of the first and reliable rippers of DvDs in Xvid format. The most popular guy in the torrent world. Sad hes quit uploading now. After the axxo controversy, most of his uploads came through an uploader named “circlensess”. It was in early 2009 that he stopped uploading proper movies. By the way many people say that circlensess is a female. The truth is axxo and circlensess are the same person and its a male…just 2 different IDs. The guy now uploads in rapidshares and megauploads (mostly soft porn). He is from Sweden and his name starts with an A. Am not mentioning the city in Sweden and his full name since hes been pretty unpopular and been under scanner by the antipiracy organizations. anyways…im not known to him:-) if thats wat u r thinking.

    • Necessary Evil

      hey…may be the rumor about secretmyth splitting up not quite true…they still release!

  • SpikE

    All these around 800mb movies have terrible quality. I cannot watch them and yes I am talking about good rips. As of yet (2yrs of dl’ing) the only decent uploads I have found are by “Kingdom Release” and particularly “Secret Myth Kingdom Release”. Almost all uploads are within 1.2GB to 2.5GB in size and the quality is fantastic pretty much DVD5. I can’t watch a 800mb rip from axxo because the quality is terrible compared to a 1.2GB Kingdom Release rip…

    Don’t believe me…simply search for kingdom release or secret myth and download an around 20mb sample which is in all releases…

    • NEEZY

      they are watchable.

    • Jonny

      Just downloaded Karate Kid with Kingdom Realease….Video 3 Audio 4 and with embeded japanese subs so you cant understand half the movie!!! How you have the audacity to say it is in the same league as axxo is beyond me.

      i believe you need more research

      • Spike

        Wow could you be more of a hypocrite, you are telling me to do more research and you are basing your words on a single download….Secret Myth, HDLiGHT (spelt wrong), and ACC Great Magician are the new ones to my list. But honestly Kingom Release 1.2GB rip’s are amazingly better than axxo’s rips

  • Keeth

    Downloading torrents alone is not p2p sharing…. When it comes about sharing INDIANS are last…. According to p2p sharing survey, India is the second last country from where we get lowest seeders.

    But the p2p leechers survey says that INDIA is in fourth position for downloading torrents……..

    If you guys are real fans of aXXo, FXG , SECRETMYTH , FXM , KLAXXON and all other VIP uploaders then show it in your seeding part.
    Atleast contribute some thing which would be better than nothing ….

    I have nothing against indians … INfact i like indians and their customs .., Dont take it in the bad sense………

    Please seed guys……. We need support…

    • jatnaveenleo

      u r right keeth, i m indian, even i also do the same thing, never seed for more than a week, we are a bit mean..really..however i use to seed file whose seeders are very less in number..

    • Abhi

      I was just reading this thread! I went back and looked at the TRNTs, I found downloading 10 and seeding 287!

    • Navi

      well, no kidding in that, even m an Indian myself a very ethical seeder and a torrent uploader too and i myself have this same problem with lot of people around me, they just don’t wanna seed, and it can easily be seen in how fast Bollywood movie torrents die (though i ever barely watch them). But the the only things that keeps people from seeding is most of the people do not understand the concept and working of torrent specially the part “someone is uploading what you are downloading “. But i wont really blame the people as there are a lot of factors like limited bandwidth ,etc etc. Still on the other end some of the people (Indian and non Indians) are mean when it comes to seeding and i really despise them.

      • Smith

        I’m also a seeder but not an up-loader ,sir what you’ve said is correct, most people doesn’t understand the concept behind p2p sharing and torrent. People are like “I just got what I want Don’t care for others”

  • chadreuel

    top uploaders sucks…jaybob is the best…

  • The unfuckwithable

    what’re’you guys even talking about ? “Noir” was way better even before Axoo stopped uploading .

  • TDM

    Thanks JMS – Noir is good =)


    .: :. Torrent Uploader Semi Automaticly check it out!

  • newbie

    out of curiosity; does anyone know if is really axxo or a fake site? There are recent aXXo movies on there and many comments saying it is great quality.

  • Atari

    MegaPlay is the best!

  • sinha

    SECRET-MYTH is the real king now…..his rips are around 1.4 gb ….amazing quality…no one beats him….axxo is good if u have low bandwidth…700mb….for those who wish for for amazing quality….go for secret-myth….kingdom-release…..

    u will always thank me if u downloaded just one of his…………… it to believe it….hey he even provides samples just 15-20mb….better download a sample….u will forget others(i respect axxo ….he was great….but then times they change)

  • RobSkeezy

    aXXo uploads to now. Honestly a greart sight

  • secretmyth rockssss

    hey rockstarsid… the kingdom release you are referring to is secretmyth (

    i too was a fan of axxo once upon a time……but u gotta give it to secretmyth. i've seen the quality of movies he provides. they are br/bdrips. and most for under 1.7gb. i know axxo used to do dvdrips and most of his fans may not want to download bdrips or brrips, but just try the quality of this guy. he's amazing…

    axxo definitely rocked in the past. now its SECRETMYTH…….

    • Rockstarsid

      Hey buddy… thanks for the link. I never downloaded secretmyth torrent files but from your opinion he seems to be an awesome ripper.. (The recent uploads are American pie, 2012 (sadly it's R5), fight club old movie.. ) will definitely give this a try when worthy movies are released..

      thanks again!

  • seaneboi

    firstly aXXo is now sadly out of the game…klaxxon is a good ripper although his movies are usually 1.5gb not under 800mb….klaxxon movies that small…theres not many..he called himself klaxxon so when people searched aXXo….klAXXOn would show up….klaxxon is not axxo…

    • Rockstarsid

      Rightly said but there are people who were discussing about klaxxon being the axxo… maybe or maybe not? Atleast his movie quality are quite the same when compared with axxo movie qualities although the size differs.. :)

  • Rockstar Sid

    @OnlineMoviesFreee – I guess I did hear about STG but not sure about the popularity.

    Yea I missed NOIR and also the Kingdom release (not sure the exact uploader name). Anyone?

  • OnlineMoviesFreee

    maybe u don’t know about STG

  • sathya

    axxo is great….just try out SAM….

  • Raghu

    I download movies by AXXO (KING of TORRENTS) and FXG….
    the only difference between these 2 are:
    1. Size:
    AXXO — 700 MB FXG — 750 – 800 MB
    2.Video Quality:
    Almost same but FXG video ratio would be more clear so the size will be more..
    3. Audio Quality
    Same for both
    4. Seeding.
    Almost the same

    Add if i have missed any…
    Romeo :)

  • Ankit

    DXO uploads are pretty good too.In axxo’s absence, he is the one i count on.Demonoid has quite a lot of his torrents and the quality rocks.The choice of torrents that he uploads aint tht good though

  • Nihar

    The ones you mentioned are new to me. I know only AXXO. AXXO Rocks!

  • JMS

    Try Noir

  • Harsh Agrawal

    I’m a big fan of AXXO rips and the kind of quality they provide I love it.. Though thanks for other useful resource. I have they maintain the same quality as well.

  • Mayur

    Surely, all above rippers are best alternatives to Axxo. But I really miss aXXo movies 😀