What is a DAA file and how to open .DAA file extension?

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All about DAA file, what to do with it, how to open and play .DAA file extension on your computer.

What are DAA files?

A DAA file stands for Direct Access Archive file. These DAA files are disk image files that are invented and can be opened through PowerISO software.

What does the file contain? The .daa file extension is nothing but a file that has the exact copy of a CD or DVD — be it a movie or a game CD. In other words, it archives the content. You should be aware that disk images can be used for a number of purposes — for backups of DVD or CD movies or to rewrite and copy DVDs. Disk images act as a virtual DVD/CD emulators.

So when you have a DAA file on your hard disk, you can burn it on a DVD or a CD. Some of us also create .DAA file that contains the backup of our system. Then we can upload it to huge file sharing sites or on any cloud server and download it back again. The .daa file format is more useful that the regular disk image formats like the ISO, BIN or the CUE files.

A DVD/CD disk image stored in a .daa file format is found to be comparatively smaller than a corresponding .iso file. It helps in multiple volume splitting — meaning that the file can be split into multiple DAA files. As this file format is used for backing up data, there’s an encryption/security mechanism that can password protect disk images.

It is also to be noted that you can enjoy all the above mentioned benefits if you are able to archive the ISO disk image using tools like WinRar.

How To Open A DAA File:

There are two methods used for opening DAA files:

You can convert DAA file extension to another file format. The convenient format is ISO. And the other way is to make use of PowerISO (shareware) to open the DAA files.

  • Convert DAA to ISO

There are many applications available the can convert .DAA files to ISO format. Once converted, you can run the ISO file by burning it on a CD or DVD.

  • Opening .daa file Using Power ISO

You can make use of Power ISO in order to open DAA files on Windows. Once you have installed PowerISO all you have to do is just double click on the .daa file which would run the PowerISO and open and extract daa file contained in the disk image.

PowerISO also helps to mount DAA files on a internal virtual drive which it is able to create. This just means that there is no need for you to burn the DAA file to a disk before you can use it. You can just mount it onto a virtual disk and just play the daa file without burning CDs or DVDs.

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